August 13, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling

  •  FREE....since I've disconnected my cell phone and limited my social networks ON PURPOSE. Those who love me know how to reach me. Let's see how I survive
  • FREE....since I let people go out my life.
  • reading for leisure
  • old episodes of Soul Train
  • Scrabble....
  • my new patio set...
  • South African Shiraz
  • Old Whitney Houston
  • Kevin Hart...what a fool!
  • 100 Calorie Doritos
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • potential refund checks! WOO HOO!
  • The Cooking Network
  • NFL PreSeason

Not Feeling:
  • LOVED....the feeling comes and goes.
  • HEALTHY...I feel so fat and winded when I run (LOL). Good lord.
  • MUSIC...kind of a stale season for music right now. Kinda waiting for Kanye.
  • the ability to shake this "unwanted" feeling.
  • boots in the summer. How moronic!
  • Terrell and Chad on the same team..two friggin coons!
  • having to read for school. I love to read..just not HAVING to read.
  • The Dream's music...just turrible
  • just because a dude is dark and bald..doesnt automatically make him SEXY. Please!
  • wasting cash on BC pills....for what???
  • people CONSTANTLY asking me "Are you excited about school?" Dude..I am 31 not 5! This is graduate one gives a damn! *smh*
  • I'd like to have sex however there are no good, emotionally-healthy, or viable prospects
  • this being the last season of The Boondocks (I just refuse to believe it....)
  • Montana Fisburne's butt looking like her dad's face..full of craters, holes and what not! He cant deny that spotty butt if he tried!
  • the lack of eye candy on ATL public transpo...sadly this is not NYC.
  • THIS HEAT..good lord.


  1. Don't you love those old episodes of "Soul Train" on Centric! LOL!!! And yeah, listening to old Whitney still gives me the shivers - that voice!

    lol @ feeling fat and winded. Girl at least you are running ~ kudos to you!

    LOL @ "just because a dude is dark and bald..doesnt automatically make him SEXY." Oh this is true!!!!

  2. I was excited about grad school until I realized that I'm going to need a new group after this class..smh. I thought we were all hear to learn and help one another. Oh, how wrong I was. LOL.



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