October 6, 2010

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Relationships

#Good Idea
  • commitment; realizing you are involved in a relationship
  • communication
  • cuddling
  • do what you do when you did what you did 
  • to actually believe in the power of love
  • understanding that all the days won't be perfect
  • take your time and really make love
  • to remember that it's always the little things
  • for the woman to realize that a man is only "one man"
  • for the man to understand that "Superwoman" was a cartoon

#Bad Idea
  • to exit the room once your significant other enters
  • to believe that love alone pays the bills
  • checking phone records, mileage, underwear
  • thinking that farting is funny
  • to remain friends with your ex
  • insecurity; not everyone wants to sleep with your mate
  • overcrowding; fresh air is always good
  • cheating
  • choosing to remain in a bad relationship
  • telling your friends all of your business


  1. What u taumbout! Farting is HILARIOUS!!! LMAO! Thats when you know you are inlove..when taht first fart is let go!



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