October 26, 2010

The Curious Case of Mr. Farrahkhan Comb-Over: Part II

If you’ve caught up with my blog, you’ll recall my post on Mr. Comb-Over. When we last left our adventures on the public transporation, I was going to ask Mr. Comb-Over his name but we got distracted by the crazy homeless man spewing foolishness about Mexicans and white people…
Anyway….this brings us to yesterday.
Mondays I work quite late. So I don’t get off until an hour after my normal time. I made it downtown and I thought to myself…I probably won’t even see Mr. Comb-over! Oh well….(This has also become a marker of what TIME it is when I see him..so I know when I’ll get home…so he’s a virtual clock. LOL)
I am walking down the steps and I walk past the crowd and stand in my usual spot on the platform. I was reading my book for class (which I still don’t understand). All of a sudden..I look to my left and he’s there…I heard him on the phone saying “I called to speak to you, Mama…aren’t you the greatest Mama in the world?”
Oh gosh! He’s a mama’s boy..Aww…that’s sweet (lol). So I sorta ease-dropped and heard him talking to his mother and his father as well..and chatting it up on family gossip. I laughed. He’s clearly a good, Southern boy.
As the  train was approaching..I was trying to ease my way into a prime location and he was right next to me. The doors opeed and he said “After you..” I said..”HEY!” and smiled. And he smiled. VERY nice smile. (lol). After we got on the train..there were no seats..so I had to stand next to him. So I struck up a conversation. “So ..I see you EVERYday on the train..what IS your name?” He extended his hand and said “It’s Dwayne…nice to meet you”. I laughed thinking “He looks like a Dwayne..” and shook his hand and introduced myself. He said “Yeah..looks like we have the same work schedule.” I said.”yes definitely…I work so late now…” He was like..”are you in school”….
..and there started a train-ride conversation. I learned that Dwayne was from ATL and worked for a pretty famous copier company. We talked fortune 500 and stuff. His family was in ATL and his parents were getting up in age and he checks on them a lot (hence the phone call). I didn’t ask if he had kids..or was married..or anything. I didn’t wanna know that. I figured we could leave that for the second ride home (where we actually talk). Furthermore, I am not seriously interested in the man because I find the whole comb-over thing too comical.  My friend Candi goes “Sometimes you gotta take a good country boy and clean him up and upgrade him a bit” (or something like that…her Dad said it to her..LOL). I was like..yeah that’s so true…but this man obviously seems set in his ways with that edged up comb-over. Besides...making a new friend is totally harmless.
Well..at least I learned his name! *shrug*

To be continued…..


  1. *eating popcorn and waiting on the next train ride*

  2. Hahaha @ “Sometimes you gotta take a good country boy and clean him up and upgrade him a bit” True that!

    I'm glad you didn't ask about wife/girlfriend/kids/etc. That is way too much for a first, light-hearted, purely friendly conversation - and it would have totally changed the tone and intention of the conversation.

    Looking forward to hearing about Conversation #2.

  3. Friends!?!!?! Whatever! You know you want him to take you out and talk about having babies! hahaha. But seriously though...you sound like you are trying to have no expectations so as not to be disappointed which is the same thing I would do honestly. But I am happy that you were assertive enough to say hello and strike up a conversation with him. All guys have anxiety about whether or not a woman will be receptive to his advances. For every woman who has ever thought "please I hope this guy talks to me", there is another woman who has straight up dissed the hell out of a guy in the most snooty sort of way. Unfortunately that is what sticks out most in the minds of men. As a result the only guys that don't have any apprehension at all about approaching women are the ones who tend to be the pushy, crude, over aggressive guys who are prone to profanity if things don't go their way. Good for you! I hope he cuts his hair and asks you for your number.

  4. Hahaha @ "I hope he cuts his hair and asks for my number". Eh...I dont. This has just been fun and funny! I dont want that man! LMAO!

  5. Loving these entries.

    Definitely reads like one of those books that are so good that you don't want to put down, once the reading begins.

    Looking forward to the next blog.



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