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The Adventures of Mr. Farrakhan Comb-Over

If you all follow me on Twitter, you know that I often tweet about my adventures on our local public transportation. Sometimes, I'll even sneak a Twitpic here or there for some comedy. So much ignorance occurs on the train..

Recently, I've had a series of tweets about a guy with a serious Minister Farrakhan Comb-Over.... Yes..his hair is Farrakhan..and parted on the side like Booker T. Washington....yet the man has a HOLE in the top of his natural. Sorta like the good minister himself....

(God bless the Hon. Minister..but his hair has just GOT to go...let it go, Brother Minister!!)

 As a matter of fact...I talked about dude on one of my earlier blogs about "accountability" and really fucked up hairlines. Someone is cutting this man's hair..taking his money..and LYING to him. The edge up and neck line stays fresh!


The man is VERY attractive.  Caramel colored. Great smile. He may be in his late 30s/early 40s. Dresses wedding band (oh yeah..I checked..not even a tan line).  I see a government badge (so I assume he works at the Federal center).  He could be sugar-daddy material....(ha! I kid....sorta..LMAO!) Because I am working later now due to my work and school obligations, I get to see him more often. If I am at one end of the platform...he comes down to the other end...literally within a few feet. At first I thought this was just a coincidence until I saw this happening more than once. I could be coming down the steps...I look his way..he smiles....and I smile and nod back. I swear this is the routine each and every time I see him..and deep inside I wanna yell...."OMG DUDE! You are so handsome..CUT THE SH*T OFF! LET IT GO!"

Last week, he was talking to his friend/co-worker (I think they had the same badge on). Anyway..I remember I looked particularly yummy that day cause I had on leggings, long boyfriend sweater,ankle boots and a tight shirt and fly accessories. When I came down the steps to the train..I saw him talking..and his head SNAPPED (I had on Ipods) and he mouthed something to the friend..who then looked at me too. I was like..WTF...but I kept on walking. I'm jamming to some Drake.... and I look up...and they are both looking my way..and smiling. I look my way...all I see is old ladies, unruly teenagers and some thugs. Uhm...ok.

The train is totally packed...I'm standing up..Comb-over  and his friend are by the doors and still talking. He looks over..and does the half smile again. I smile back. I get to my stop..and I have to maneuver to get to the door. At this point I took my Ipod earbuds the doors open he leans in and goes..." have a nice evening...." I was like..OH WOW....he spoke to me.....

Today..I thought things were coming to a head....I see Mr. Farrakhan Comb-Over on the eastbound platform. He smiles..I smile..we go through our usual routine. We enter the train..I sit near..but not too near....He's looking over..I smile..he smiles. THEN..this big dude gets on the train and blocks his view..I look up..and I see Mr. Comb-over peeking over dude's shoulder. I giggled..but then I thought to myself "Oh boy..that's kinda weird.". LMAO! Craning your neck...cant be a good look. Dude I see you! Anyway...He sorta nods his head down...and I muffle a laugh. I think.."'m gonna be bold..I'm gonna SAY something to do..". I'm about 1 stop away from my stop..At the Decatur station..this CRAZY old man gets on the train..yelling about white people and Mexicans taking over the country, reeking of booze in a plastic jug and perhaps feces. GAG!!  Mr. Comb-over is visibly disturbed...and because I have to go past this crazy man to get out...I don't even get a chance to say anything to Comb-over....

I get on the escalator and look back as the train is pulling off...I see Mr. Comb-Over looking out of the window...smiling.

I guess we'll do this same dance again..and again..Maybe one day I'll know his name.

Smooches, loves!


  1. Oooh, I like this little "love story" so far. :-) What if you all do one day strike up conversation... and click. Can you see yourself overlooking the comb-over, and getting to know him seriously?

  2. This story is simply entertainment..LOL. I cant be serious with a comb-over dude. He has GOT to cut his hair. *smh*

  3. Romantic story. Written in a manner in which I honestly sat here and found myself more and more into the story, as it went along.

    I believe you have already overlooked the comb-over, for what it's worth.

    On to read the latest post...


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