February 4, 2010

This Week's "Ask a Man"


On this week's "Ask a Man" blog series, our question comes from my friend "Tee Tee."

"If you have a crush...do you date your crush...or just let it remain a fantasy?"

Tee Tee
I can dig both sides... see if you let the crush remain a fantasy they can never disappoint but if you act on it and they do disappoint then you 'll never feel the same about the crush. IDK.. #imjustsayin... I dated my crush for 4 yrs.. still ♥ him 2 this day :) So go for it if you think it's mutual I guess :)

JD (Man)
Yeah, go for it if you can. Forget "What if's."

I married mine. I made my interest known and took it from there.

My hubby had a crush on me and well... here we are. lol.

No crush I've ever had (past or present) has manifested itself into a relationship.

Cee (Man)
I developed an immediate crush on this woman once on our first date... and, well... *looking at his wedding ring & smiling*

Tee Tee
Awwh @ all of u who married ur crushes! If my crush wasn't so foolish or blind or maybe a touch of both I'd be married 2! ☺

AJ (Man)
Im looking for her

Awww @ The married cornballs! LMAOOO!!! (I am kidding!)Lmao@Tee...it's like that..they are real Helen Keller. @AJ....really..in all your age and wisdom...never had a crush????
about an hour ago ·

AJ (man)
I would have to take it back to Elementary/HS days..Wait I did have a crush on a Senior during my freshman year in college.. I thought it was about a current Crush

@AJ I need to ask Tee if this is about current or past crushes. I think she meant current.

AJ (Man)
Current Crush.. I think I am too old to crush.. I see someone and they may be attractive..I am trying to get to know them.. things are always good when they are new..so My advice is to get to know the person and pay attention to the little things. Infatuation is blinding to reality.Once the birds stop chirping you have to make your own music

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  1. I think if and when the opportunity arises, I'd almost have to indulge in the woman of my desire. It will be one of those things where a man is pleasantly pleased to find she's everything and more or surprisingly shocked to find that she is nothing like I always felt.

    Either way, you take advantage of the chance itself, right?



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