February 16, 2010

I Can't Hardly Wait..

…until I love again. And when I do…oh boy! He better be ready. I think I’m ready (or at least almost there)… My heart is open and receptive. I’ve had time off to think about things…my mistakes. My good parts…and my faults. I hope I find someone who can enjoy all of me..fully.

… to be a wife again. I was a great wife. I’ll be the BEST wife possible the next go around. I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I learned that sometimes they have to lead. Sometimes you have to trust. Sometimes you have to walk by faith….in a relationship. This however...takes time

…to be a mother. I want to hold a brown bundle of joy in my arms. Smell them..kiss them..read to them. Walk them to the bus stop….put their first band-aid on. I’m ready. I’ve been ready

...to be persued. Deep down I am an old fashioned girl. Me trying to be all "modern" and asking guys out wasnt my style deep down

…to walk in my destiny. What God has for me it is for me. I am so ready

…to have sex that makes the beds rock. (Hey…just being honest!) I know this wait will be worth it in the end. I want to make love and really mean it. I want to sweat and mean it…I want to moan and….(well…you get the point.)

…to fit into my “skinny girl” jeans again! The diet seems to be working! I just want to be healthy and be around for years to come

…to actually live my fantasies…all of them.

…to actually dust of my stilettos..and get dressed…and actually not feel like a hassle to be on a date.

…to have a guy call me..and not text me to death! (Wishful thinking in this day and age….)

…to be financially sound! I'm almost there

..to not mix being "broken hearted" w/ being "emotionally broken or bankrupt"

…to see more of the world.

…to actually feel again. …and be open and live life with authority

..to just believe again.


  1. Such a positive and uplifting blog.. I love it. All of that is coming.. all in God's time Soror.



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