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"Ask a Man" Question of the Week about "Flirting".

The "Ask a Man" Question is a little early (usually ask on Mondays)..but. this question reminds me of the movie "He's Just Not That Into you" "Nell" would like to know "When is a man flirting....and when is he being "nice"? Because I mean...the signals can be mixed" Fellas, wanna tackle this?

D.S (Man)
Unless you are a blood relation, men are always flirting.But just cause he flirts, don't mean he wants what he's flirting with. He does it because he can.
Fri at 11:44am ·

EX-Husband (yep...the ex husband...LOL)
perfect answer. agree with DS. i was thought by the older men in my family to always compliment or flirt with a woman. you never know how you may make her day.
Fri at 11:48am ·

*side eye* @ Ex....flirting gets you in trouble, too.
Fri at 11:50am ·

@DS good answer!
Fri at 11:51am ·

@DS but doesnt that lead the female on though.. flirting because you can is a bit misleading.
Fri at 11:59am ·

It's up to you to brush it off or believe it.That leads to another question. "Why are some 'people' not just women, so ready to jump on the first person that flirts with them?" What happened to finding love within ones self before searching for it with another person. You can't be misled if you don't fall for it in the first place.
Fri at 12:04pm ·

@DS have opened up a can of worms. I guess because some folks are so desperate for love and attention they dont care WHO gives it to them. They arent self-aware and confident.
Fri at 12:08pm ·

"Some ppl" not just men can be very persuasive and manipulating in their ways. They can be very persistent to the point where the other person may feel like its worth taking a chance on "love" when all in all, the other person had a specific agenda in mind. A person can be as focused as they want to be in finding self love but in the end, no one really wants to be alone.
Fri at 12:08pm ·

@ Mocha and Nell :Touche' Pussy Cats. Good Points.Back to work for me, lunchtime is over. Back to the grindstone.
Fri at 12:11pm ·

Nice chatting with you DS
Fri at 12:13pm ·

My #1 pet peeve: dudes who flirt all mad aggressively and then when you go "Well..wassup??" they go..'Oh..I'm sorry..I got a girl". Ninja..why you talking to me then?????
Fri at 12:16pm ·

A.D, esq
Maybe the get a touch of conscience Mocha. You know how that goes.
Fri at 12:59pm ·

@AD....naw..they are testing out "if they still got it". I'm not your lab rat! *smh*
Fri at 1:13pm ·

Dr Angie, DDS
The question should be: why do guys think it's ok to say I'm dealin w/ somebody but I don't see why we can't continue what we're doin". Ugh, now that I know about her, we cannot!
Fri at 1:39pm ·

Dr Angie, DDS
OMG, ur post at 12:16 is right on it
Fri at 1:43pm ·

Dr V, pediatrician
agreed with DS...i don't get myself all worked up over a compliment or flirting..i just politely thank him and keep it moving..i've always been that way. i think you are right, a lot of people need validation from the opposite gender. so they get all caught up from the attention they get whether it is genuine or just plain old flirting..
Sat at 10:25am ·


  1. Hmm.

    I think flirting is blatant and a little more sexually-oriented, physical and adventurous. While nice is just being not necessarily being respectful (cause that would mean flirting is disrespectful, in theory) ... but "respected."


    Ish, I don't know. LOL. I just know when I am doing one or the other.

  2. LMAO! Well thanks for the feedback.


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