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"Ask A Man" about "The Number"

This week's "Ask a Man" question comes from Ru. She wants to know..

"Do men REALLY wanna know "THE NUMBER" a chick has? You know..THE number before you???? What is TOO MUCH? " Hmmm...felllas?

Cee (Man)
any dude that has a problem with a number needs to (1) check his own number, and then (2) watch the movie "Chasing Amy".
Mon at 6:50pm ·

Bwahahahahaha! , who REALLY asked this question. Even though I'm not a dude, I'll answer. No, NO ONE wants to know. They say they do, but they don't. I have no problem telling but I rather not because it starts shit and I don't want to know either because I get "images". Plus I think we're too old (and "experienced") for that. I'd want to know... See More if he was a virgin so I could slip out the back before it even started and never call again (don't want to deflower one and have em all attached, especially since I'm a no-gooder). Besides that, keep it to yaself.
Mon at 6:58pm ·

hahahah@ Slip out the back? WOuld you really??? Damn that's cold! *smh*
Mon at 6:59pm ·

Oh, and I don't care about the #, just about the status re: current attachments and STDs.
Mon at 7:00pm ·

Maybe not slip out the back, but I wouldn't do it or even close...I'd probably tell them, um thanks but no thanks and save yourself for someone who'll appreciate it and not for someone like me, who's not looking to make any deep bonds. I think that's why I like older guys because they've learned through life not to attach serious emotions to the "... See Morehorizontal tango" hahahah! I honestly feel way more intimacy in a serious conversation or a sincere hug than I do during gathering "bilblical knowledge".
Mon at 7:05pm ·

lol.. Ru loves and leaves em! lol
Mon at 7:07pm ·

I'll agree that nobody wants to know the number. Either it's too high, or it's too low. That's something nobody ever really needs to know.
Mon at 7:17pm ·

JD.thanks for answering (and always having input)
Mon at 7:17pm ·

What is this "love" thing you speak of, madam? LOL Ru has fun, then leaves them whey they start "when-ing" in, "when we get married", "when we have kids", "when we celebrate your birthday next month"...I've been with Andrew for 2 years and I'm still "if-fy". "If we're together by May, I'd like to go away for a week". Life's unpredictable, man!Tat, you tell your "viewers", as a womanly woman, do you like to know and tell?
Mon at 7:26pm via Email Reply ·

hahahaha @ "when-ing" I MUST steal that!!!And I personally dont need to know the number..just need to know how SAFE you were...and if you may have been to jail and/or purchased sex OR..sold yourself for drugs. (LOL)...


  1. It doesn't really matter to me..
    Some people don't want a woman who has done "numbers".

    other want a person who knows how to handle themselves..


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