February 19, 2010

"Ask a Woman" Question of the Week

....the subject is "Role Reversal and Marriage"

This week's "Ask a Woman" question...is....
"Would you, as a woman, ever propose to a man?" Hmmmm...ladies? Would you?

Tue at 10:39am ·

Tue at 10:42am ·

Tue at 10:42am ·

Nope and nope and nope I'm old fashion. I believe in the chase...
Tue at 10:48am ·

Wow 4 No's...no modern women here? No women who shun "gender role" (I'm just stirring it up....LOL)
Tue at 10:49am ·

No. Hell no. Lol. I'm a mix of traditional and modern. But this is one tradition I dig.
Tue at 10:52am ·

Right now...i would say NO..cant do it. It's HE who findeth a wife. If i gotta give u a nudge..then you dont want me. BUT....if I was drunk enough and we were in Vegas. In other words..I can never say never.
Tue at 10:55am ·

Tue at 10:57am ·

"HEYAL NO"...would you have to give HIM a ring? Or would he still get you one later?
Tue at 11:43am ·

@Ru..guess you'd give him a ring and the whole nine yards.
Tue at 11:46am ·

Hell no x 500...! And you know I shun gender roles.
Tue at 11:49am ·

Ok, I can dig you on the suggestion to elope thing...but not a down on my knees, ring, stadium giant screen proposal deal!
Tue at 11:52am ·

@Ru..this is a lot more common than we know. I think Pink, Halle Berry, and a few other celebs have done this! *shrug*. I mean, not trying to compare celebs to regular folks, but it happens more often than not. A man would have to be might extraordinary for me to go above and beyond.
Tue at 11:53am ·

A girl I went to law school did this. She bought herself a ring and proposed to the dude and then put the ring on her finger. I think she got him a necklace or something...interested to see how they turned out. Now I don't see a problem with a woman bringing up marriage in conversation...depending on the status of the relationship. But asking? My answer is no.
Tue at 12:26pm ·

Heck no!!!!
Tue at 1:50pm ·

Madame Diva
Nope..I say if you can mustard up the courage to ask then we really ain't that close!
Tue at 4:31pm ·

yes....if its true love, y not?
Tue at 7:17pm ·

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