February 15, 2010

"Ask a Man" Question of the Week

is about..."Dating and Standards"

Our "Ask a Man" question this week comes from Dani

"Men usually don't care about who they date..or who they sex (right??). But really..are there any situations/people that are "off limits" to most guys?"

Hmmm.... Fellas...??

Ok Dani..I'm assuming you mean we can exclude any and all "illegal" situations (LMAO).
Yesterday at 9:08am ·

Yes, and I'm not talking about men who are the "exception" lol.
Yesterday at 9:15am ·

Angel .
This answer isn't pc but my hubs said that in his single days, he would have sex with a girl of....um. another persuasion. But he wouldn't seriously date or be in a relationship with one. Too dramatic. Plus the whole not understanding 'me' thing.
Yesterday at 9:17am ·

Sooo Angel...he had no scruples about dating "other" chicks because he knew it wasnt going to get serious. Therefore, those chicks were not "off-limits" to him sexually, but relationship wise?
Yesterday at 9:19am ·

Pretty much. But he had to have been in at least one to come to that conclusion.
Yesterday at 9:24am ·

JD (Man)
Current significant others of friends and family. Exes of friends and family.But men do care who they date or sex. Sometimes the restrictions are less that others, that's all.
Yesterday at 9:25am ·

@Angel..ha..that's true! LOL!@Jason..thanks for that input. I know we arent saying men are heartless, unfeeling creatures (LOL). As you said..the restrictions may be a little less...."rigid"
Yesterday at 9:26am ·

AJ (Man)
Men do care who they date. Off limits: Baby daddy drama...Helpless damsels who can't lift a finger or try because that's a "man's" job.Extremely conceited sistasManipulators.Spoiled brats..... See MoreThe sex situ is based on where they are on the rainforest to desert scale..(bell shaped curve no doubt)If a man's in the:"your ishts dry side".. He will hit just about anything.Rainforest side: he turning down Halle Berry..Middle of the road.. He is choosie..
10 hours ago ·

Rainforest to desert...good analogy!!
10 hours ago ·

9 hours ago ·

What is interesting?
9 hours ago ·

The analogy based on the fact that sex for men is on a Bell curve.....and I thought men liked a woman who was a "tad' big Scarlett O'hara "Oh hun..please do this...etc". LMAO! Not "captain save a-chick"...just you know...does a lil ego stroking by being a little helpless. (JUST a little)
9 hours ago ·

Naw..Guys read helpless as manipulative and see that as a pattern that they do not want.
9 hours ago ·


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