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Feeling/Not Feeling


  • open toed shoes
  • sand and beaches
  • Shania Twain and Faith Hill...(I LOVE them..I truly do)
  • Dhani Jones (mercy...sweet Jesus that man is fine!)
  • B.oB's album.
  • someone washing my hair...while we are in the shower....(sexy)
  • Broadway musicals
  • the lyrics of this song....
  • museum exhibits
  • BBC America
  • all things Britis basically (see BBC America)
  • Logo Channel
  • straight white teeth
  • my DVR..why didnt I get one sooner????

Not Feeling

  • men with crusty black toe nails
  • Noah's Arc was cancelled
  • married men contacting "single" me. Go on, you predator.
  • women who use "church" to substitute for your lack of a man. *smh*
  • people who use the bible in every argument
  • complicated recipes with expensive ingredients
  • having a craving and being broke
  • not knowing how to swim
  • men who look at me strange when I say certain things I lack which leads them to be totally disinterested in me which brings me to another point......
  • How superficial the MEN are here in ATL Such bitachness
  • people wanting to insert themselves in my life..
  • having more "month" at the end of my money...than more "money" at the end of the month
  • my unkempt shaggy locs right now
  • Dhani Jones and his love of "mixed/exotic/light" long haired broads. Your black ass and taco meat chest hair has no idea what he's missing with the pretty brown girls! (*flips back locs*)


  1. Say it ain't so Dhani :(

  2. This ish right here! - FUNNY as hell.

    Men with crusty black toenails. hahahahaha. People who use their Bible to argue, agreed. Swimming is easy. Find someone who is willing to teach you.

    I feel you @ having more "month" at the end of my money...than more "money" at the end of the month

    DVRs are the business. Mines goes up to 80 hours. I pretty much only record news shows and sports though.

    That sounds sexy @ someone washing my hair...while we are in the shower....(sexy)

    Not familar with Ledisi's music I will have to listen to that song.

  3. I always enjoy your weekly edition of Feeling/Not Feeling.

    Craving + being broke = sucks!
    *chuckling* @ the crusty toes. Omg, no!


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