April 18, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • Martinis (esp. lemon martinis)
  • being Southern
  • ATL in the summer time. (Really is gorgeous)
  • pulling my locs during sex
  • nude lipgloss
  • netflix
  • sleeping in the summer in just a t-shirt on jersey sheets
  • "private" piercings (I dont have one though! LOL)
  • The return of Dr. Dre w/ Detox
  • Adam Lambert's album (he has vocal chops)
  • french pedicured toes
  • getting into the PhD program...(this should be #1. Highlight of my week...my month...my season!)
  • Glee
  • Facebook (still dig it)

Not Feeling

  • Tea Party aka Tea Baggers (LOL) and the wack movement.
  • paying this rent SOLO (I need a live-in lover just to pay the rent.)
  • frequent masterbation (that's just sad.....LOL)
  • People thinking everyone in ATL is gay
  • tounge piercings on dudes (now THAT is gay.....)
  • unrequited crushes *sigh*
  • Chris Brown's career in the toilet
  • Outkast delaying their album....once again
  • Myspace buying IMEEM
  • going on 8 months w/no sex....yep...I'm over it.
  • people worrying about why I dont have XYZ or ABC.
  • people faking sophistication.. You are two steps beyond the hood your damn self.
  • Tiny and Toya
  • sleeping in a t-shirt in the summer.....solo.


  1. Detox is out? I need to check for that. I had heard last week that the single with Jay Z was to be released but never found it.

    Big Boi has a new single out - it's aight.

    Love the south. Good luck on the PhD program.

  2. I found a link to it on Lala.com. It's not out yet... and thank you :)



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