April 21, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

I am proud to announce the winner of our FIRST Giveaway on Sex and the Southern Belle.

The winner of  the Tracy Lynn $30 Gift Certificate is.......

H. Smith

YEAH!!! Congratulations!! I absolutely loved your answer as to how Traci Lynn would add sparkle/glamour to your wardobe. :

How would Traci Lynn Jewelry add sparkle and glamour to your wardrobe?” Traci Lynn Jewelry would add sparkle and glamour to my wardrobe because I feel 'settled' in my marriage. I feel as if I have to dress matronly. On a random day I appear as if I should be getting a shake in the old Chevy and preparing to do the twist (long skirts, ponytail, shirts to the neck). T.L. jewelry would bring me into the new millenium where I'd feel fashion forward, fun, and flirty. Traci Lynn jewelry is just what I need in my life.

 I could totally relate being married and trying to get out of the "style rut". I hope it helps you get your "groove" back style wise!!

Please contact me  in 3 business days with your information and redeem your prize!

For those of you who entered the contest and subscribed to my YouTube, followed me on Twitter, etc....THANK YOU!  If you didn't win this time...don't give up! More giveaways are coming VERY soon!

And...please... visit www.tracilynnjewelry.net/ErikaArtis to order a FABULOUS piece from the Traci Lynn Jewelry Collection.


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