April 20, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • unappreciated. Although a negative..I am feeling that.
  • adventerous. Got a lot I need to accomplish this summer
  • when he says "hey gorgeous face...." It melts me so
  • while he may say that to a lot of women....(LOL)..I feel it's special.
  • the cool side of the pillow
  • dapper dressed dudes
  • someone reading poetry to me
  • silence.
  • drinking cold  El Jimador while listening to old Phoebe Snow records....
  • heavy breathing
  • more silence
  • Instagram
  • Tweetgram
  • Twitter
  • booty. I just appreciate a nice ass...male or female
  • a foot tattoo
  • legalization of soft drugs
  • nipple and clitoris piercings....
  • The Blog Bitches Gotta Eat and her corresponding FB page. LOVE HER.
  • Erotic Art
  • old fashioned puzzles with 1500 pieces, and doing them while I sip roobios tea
  • pics of gorgeous black babies.
  • sexual
  • weird. I'm just a weird person

Not Feeling

  • appreciated (See above)
  • secure
  • like there is a reason to smile...Oh I smile..but I mean SMILE till it hurts and I have tears.
  • my sense of style. I think I need June Ambrose in my life.
  • transgressive behavior.
  • like any diet plan works for me except something UNDER 1200 calories a day.
  • Facebook
  • like i have that person to call when I am in crisis
  • that people come to me like i'm their sex/love Guru..and my fucking love life is in shambles. Dont come to me. LMAO!
  • people who judge the sex lives of others. Get your life together.
  • or that I am the person that someone calls in crisis
  • beautiful. I simply don't feel beautiful
  • that the only men who DO hit on me...are homeless, hideous and/or crazy..oh and old...
  • healthy. I gotta get in shape this summer. My breasts are weighing me down
  • supported. Where is my rock?
  • like my brand of beauty is whats up....i'm strange. I dig that.
  • like dating. I'm so done right now. No more answering calls. or getting set up. I am done.
  • Nuggets who randomly contact you out the blue
  • people who comment on the blog and don't comment DIRECTLY to the subject matter at hand. Just go wayyyyyyyyy off base. This generally happens in life.
  • special enough for someone to take a chance on me..thats in anything: work, love, school, etc.
  • that my brother is so far away. I miss him so
  • the closest I'll get to a baby IS some pictures. LOL
  • Skype sucks now. no one does it anymore. 
  • sexy (bit difference between sexual and sexy)
  • like I'll have time to read all the books..see all the movies..and things on my break.
  • like my weirdness is appreciate. I'd like my weirdness appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. I love a guy who knows how to compliment a woman, calling her pretty/gorgeous/etc. Love it!

    Im so excited that Instagram is now available for my phone! LOL!! I havent figured out how to use it, with the picture frames and stuff, but i am gonna be uploading my first pic soon! (Hopfully)

    Yeah, the best "diet" for me is cutting calories as well. Not a diet so much as i know the quantities i need to eat to maintain my weight. It doesnt even have to be healthy, per se (although if it is, i can eat more of it and feel fuller).



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