April 7, 2012

Do it to the Beat: Product Review of NaughtiBod by OhmiBod


  1. It's been a while since you did a product review! This is a good one, cuz I'd never heard of such a concept until RHOA, so i had no idea how that would work. I wish I could have heard your music a little louder, and seen the jont moving a little more.

    Yeah, it does seem like a fun toy. However, I'd hate for the song to change and the pulsation to switch up at the wrong moment tho. >:O

    That's cool that it's from the same makers of Kandi's line - I do hope you end up reviewing something from her line as well. That lipstick vibrator is cute.

  2. YEah the music wasnt loud and it doesnt MOVe per se...it just vibrates...LOL. IT is fun.

    I dunno about reviewing Kandi's products. They are overpriced and lipstick vibes have been out for years!



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