April 6, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: 33 Things


  1. My new-found ability to just get up and travel whenever I damn well please (one perk of being single).
  2. Hotel beds...they are so comfy
  3. My trip to DC
  4. Seemed like every dude in DC had  a beard...sexy!!!
  5. Tequila shots (pretty much anything w/ tequila in it)
  6. My good girlfriends
  7. Brunch
  8. Dancing in hot, tight reggae clubs
  9. warm hugs
  10. making new friends...
  11. I feel in love with this Chinese spot in DC called Meiwah...*sigh* It was near my hotel and I swear I should  have taken some back with me
  12. Easter dinner...I love ham..sue me. I will not be giving up pork in my lifetime. *shrug*
  13. U street...
  14. Still love my IPhone and my IPod....
  15. The smell of new books (and yes..I own a Kindle..but new book smell is awesome!)
  16. no summer classes! I am going to rest for 3 months........seriously rest and read for leisure and watch my DVR and take tango lessons and work out like a beast...more time!
  17. First kisses........and when people moan when they kiss. *shivers*

Not Feeling:

  1. Bust my ass on the pavement in DC..LMAO! My heels + drunkenness= a bad idea on any day
  2. I can't travel as often as I WANT...otherwise I'd be gone every weekend.
  3. I've done the traveling solo thing...next time...I want some penis in tow (or there when I arrive. LOL)
  4. That I am forgetful as shit...
  5. Hotel air makes my throat hurt every time....*sigh*
  6. Not spending enough time with those you care about...
  7. I didn't make it to Ben's Chili Bowl..*sigh*..(just means I gotta plan another DC trip)
  8. My mother is often ALWAYS right...and sometimes...it hurts (I am glad for that..but it hurts)
  9. Bored with my locs...(glad I got a wig seriously...)
  10. The Easter Bunny is a scary mo-fo. He is right up there with clowns and the BK king for me....
  11. Prudish people. This is 2011! CMON
  12. My trips have been TOO SHORT this year.
  13. Lingerie is not really made for big/busty girls...not the real cute stuff anyway
  14. not enthusiastic about school. I am burnt out
  15. despite having my celibacy over....now I'm like "Ok..now what??" LMAO! Is it back to being celibate? I dunno...*shrug* I don't feel like "dating"..I don't feel like just "sexing". I just am going to be still....and wait...
  16. No summer travel plans thus far...I need some...any ideas?


  1. You Not Missing a D@mn Thing at Ben's Chilli Bowl. I go to Howard, so I know. What's better is Ben's Next Door, Ohh's and Ahh's, The Diner(Adam's Morgan) or Clydes(Chinatown).

  2. Girl, I have the best sleep ever in a hotel, cuz those beds just be SO comfortable, and it gets so nice and dark when you draw them curtains. Mmm!

    Tango classes sound fun! I'm all wanting to take a voguing class after Sibo posted this video of a class on her Tumblr.

    Girl, u sounding like you love DC enough to move there. *chanting* Do it, do it, do it!

  3. Move to DC?? Hmm..I dunno. There would have to be a pretty good job/reason for me to stay. But it's a great place to visit. :) (Stop getting me to move! First it was nYC..now its DC?? Conspiracy)

  4. Um. Love, love, love bearded black men, and reggae clubs.
    I am convinced DC is where I need to be. *starts praying*

  5. @Tracey

    Yes lord..DC had a bevy of very gorgeous men...with beards. It was heaven.



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