April 15, 2012

April Bliss Check-In #2


  1. Another great blog

    I def. think we all have baggage and I also think it's up to us to unpack it on our own with our mate supporting us from the sideline. How does the saying go "when the student is ready the teacher will come"

    I don't think Tyrese or Steve hate women or are misogynist. I thought Steve's book (which I read but didn't purchase) was just simple basic common sense *shrug* I didn't agree with everything he said but most of what he said I already knew/felt the same way about. I did not read Tyrese's book but I do/have read his tweets. I think he means well just comes across wrong more times than not.

    SN- I can't spell worth ish either never could although I have always been a reader *holds head down*

  2. UHm..Tyrese and Steve are very much stuck in a 1950s mode of looking at relationships which DO NOT WORK for modern times. I shouldn't have to "think like a man" in order to get what I want. And whats a "lady" anyway: a misogynistic construct of how women should act. So if I am outside of those things, am I not a "lady" ? That book was flawed, outdated and didnt apply to me at all. DO I not "act like a lady?" ANd Tyrese bothers me to high heaven....

  3. I don't think like a man nor do I try or care too. I was speaking in general I don't think they hate women or look at them negatively. I didn't say I agreed with their thought process 100% but I do think Steve says basic common sense things at times that women have heard for yrs. *shrug*

  4. I dont know much about Tyrese, and havent seen much of his acting abilities beyond "Baby Boy." But i do like that idea of having help "unpacking baggage." I agree, that's not an easy job to do alone.



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