April 3, 2012

April Bliss Check-In


  1. Your hair is real cute like that. I need to get me a fun wig too.

    I like that lesson for April. Im gonna do my best to get out of my routine and do something different. It really is cool trying new things, i dont do that enough.

  2. Oh yes..I can def see you in something big and long and cute... Def get out this month (ITs your BIRTHDAY MONTH!) and do something different..

  3. Sadly, i didnt even end up doing much. I had wanted too, but i just lost motivation, got Aunt Flo, dress didnt fit like i wanted it to, blah blah blah. We just went out to eat as a family... and i requested that Derek pick up some crab legs and Jamba Juice Orange Dream Machine (one of my fav smoothies) for us to eat this weekend, which he is out doing now. All in all, bringing 33 in wasnt all that. It was cool, but i gotta force myself to do something exciting for 34. That's our official last "early 30s" bday. LOL

  4. Love the wig, and the attitude. a nice refresher...



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