April 9, 2012

Faking Orgasms: Discussion Intro

This video is part of a discussion for my women's studies Sexuality and Society class. We will continue our discussion later this week....stay tuned :)


  1. Dang, i havent faked an orgasm since college/early 20's. Looking back, I think in part it was 1) just wanting it to be over, and 2) also not wanting to "disappoint" him. When i look back at how silly i was i can only shake my head. Yuur partner will never learn to truly please you, and learn what you need, if you're dishonest about something so intimate and special. But we live and we learn!

  2. I think last ime I faked was about well over year ago. I was just sleepy and he was just inept..even when I instructed him otherwise. No time for that..I just will be unresponsive if I'm not getting there.



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