April 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling: Short and Sweet

dig a denim jacket with a tie
(These brothers are sharp...courtesy of Andre' Kardashian's Pinterest Board)


  • MAXWELL IS COMING!! 2 nights, all the albums IN FULL, Phillips Arena!
  • Free stuff with coupons
  • Themed Food nights. Fridays are usually Tacos for me. Or Fish. Or Pizza.
  • Michael Ealy and his sex scenes in "Think Like A Man"
  • I like odd things like Full Lips w/ Green Eyes. Or Freckles on dark skinned folks. Or real negro features on SUPER light people. That's so dope and unusual
  • Pinterest (that bears repeating)
  • men who read books. enjoy reading books. it's sexy
  • My upcoming Tango class
  • girls who have ownership of their curves
  • being curvy but FIT
  • planning pretend weddings.
  • dapper dressed men...(.and no...it's not "gay". it's just high fashion. i wish more men knew that!)
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Tom Ford
  • like i deserve to be adored. everyday. every second of every minute of every hour of everyday. Not obsessively..but enough to where I deserve a damn phone call once or twice a day
  • Usher's "Climax"
  • Brandy's new album...


  • dating sites and who they pick as your 80% and above matches. These men are not men I could take home to my mama. Why? Cause they are unsightly. While I am not big on the physical, I don't need to squint or put a paper bag over your head to be with you. At all! Fuckability is key, ya'll.
  • your bad spelling is such a turnoff. Granted I am not the best speller but if you misspell basic words like "you"....then we have a problem. A BIG one.
  • THEN the ones who reject you make it seem so arbitrary. "Uhm..on your profile it says you wanna have sex 3-5 times a week. I need EVERYDAY. sorry. We aren't a match!" HUH?? *scratches head*
  • Why do I even bother???  Why? Cause I am a sucker for the possibilty of love and romance.
  • WHY? cause when I thought ............anyway *DELETE*
  • I need a date to the Maxwell concert. Alas...it'll prob be me and my girl
  • That's no fun. I'd be too aroused...and uhm..I do not swing that way...LMAO!
  • All my friends have "spring time boos".....not i. *smh*
  • I have SUCH an odd looking face. At one point, I had considered rhinoplasty. I am dead serious.
  • Unnecessary lies. You didn't have to lie about take a woman on a trip with you. We aint together, homie.
  • going to the gynecologist. She assaults me. I don't mean physically (lol). It's a mental assault "Sooo...you are getting older...do you want BC or will you be getting pregnant?" *sigh* Just draining.
  • Usher needs to make more "ballads"
  • wanted
  • needed
  • adored..even though I know I deserve it. Adoring myself...gets old :)
  • like I wanna add anymore to this list. /FIN.


  1. Forever and always will be FEELING my beloved Maxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol @ the odd features and the combinations you listed!

    fit & curvy - yes!!!

    omg, your face/nose are very pretty, glad u re-thought that one, homie! lol

    yeah, the gyn is NEVER a pleasant experience, under any circumstance. that reminds me, its prolly time for an appointment. sigh.

  3. I'd be mad if Maxwell doesn't COME a lot. Enjoy that!

  4. PS- Don't change your FACE. It's beautiful= God's art.



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