January 2, 2011

Fire Starter: A Poem

You started it.

If a kiss was like the kindling
To a fire
Yours would be the spark
To heat the cold, wooden logs
That are my heart
Placed in a lonely place
In a big empty room
Of my soul

You started this…

I lay claim to the fact that
Your lips enveloped me
Engulfed me
Swallowed my breath up whole
And released into me.
Mixing with yours.
I feel revived.
Fire ignited.

You started it.
It’s all your fault.

I was fine with being cold for a while.
Laying dormant until the moment arrived
But the moment was you
And I wasn’t ready for my embers
To be fanned
And turn into a raging fire.
Pyromaniacs would be jealous

You started it.
You need to put it out.

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