January 28, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling

  • Letting your guard down and opening your heart to something new.
  • School refunds! YES!
  • My class schedule this semester
  • My new "relationship state of mind" initiative and how my girlfriends are in in on it as well!
  • Exploring new restaurants new me
  • first kisses...always
  • Loreal HIP gel Eyeliner. I've tried em all...it's the best
  • Magazines. I still like to flip in a magazine
  • decorating my apartment. It' gonna look great really soon. Focusing on the living room and dining area.
  • unexpected gifts....
  • the idea of adoption or a sperm donor.
  • a full and stacked fridge. Im straight till end of Spring now :)
  • KINDLE! It's so awesome! Why didnt I get one earlier!
  • turning 32 in a few months
  • maybe i"ll have a Valentime that'll send flowers to my job
  • eloping. next time I am eloping. Straight up.

  • Letting your guard down and opening your heart to something new (lol)
  • Shit..maybe I wont have a valentine! *shrug*
  • Turning 32 in a few months....and not accomplishing what I wanted as of yet.
  • No black actors are nominated for any Oscars
  • Sarah Palin not claiming responsibility for at least influencing the masses of crazy folks.
  • How wack Charlie Sheen is......drugs will kill.
  • Conrad Murray not claiming responsibility....
  • ..like working out. I really need to get it together.
  • whatever this  "vibe" is I give to dudes that turn them from "sweet" to "freak" in a matter of seconds
  • how the colors orange and purple look on me. Like a plum fool.
  • I wish I had fuller lips. *shrug*
  • my mama's health. Jesus just be a fence...
  • How the internet will tell on you. You was out of town huh? But you were on-line in some crazy places? Hmpf. (LOL)
  • the fact that my "lack" in one area seems like such a detriment to my dating life.
  • how bored I am with my look
  • the fact that I have shoes I have not worn. Some thigh-high boots that are awesome!!
  • that cosmetic surgery isnt covered by insurance. (LOL)

1 comment:

  1. Echoing "School Refunds - Yessss!!!" Love the new relationship state of mind!

    I love my Kindle too!!! (I got Derek's old one, Version 2, after he ordered 3)

    Hahaha, yes, I wish cosmetic surgery was covered by insurance as well!



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