June 18, 2010

Feeling/Not Feeling: The Dating Version


  • Politeness 
  • Promptness
  • Hand holding…
  • Dudes with thick, NFL “backer” butts.
  • People who call you. Communication is key 
  • Awkward first kisses that you laugh at … 
  • The fact that when they can’t sleep...they call you and you talk until they fall asleep.
  • Compliments on “unusual things” ….”I like your earlobes…..” (As long as you don’t creep me out) 
  • CLOSED mouth kisses. (You can wait to get tounged down….cmon son!)

Not Feeling

  • Sex talk TOO early in the friendship. Who knows what the hell we’ll do. Maybe nothing. AND you might be horrible. It makes me uncomfortable. 
  • Dudes who call you like it isn’t isht…like they hadn’t ignored your calls, texts etc. Insane…. I mean like everything is all good. That pisses me off so bad….F**k “not feeling”. It just plain pisses me da f*ck off.
  • People who are 5 milliseconds older than you claiming “I’m so wise”. You aren’t. 5 years older doesn’t make you a wise sage
  • People wondering why, despite being married before AND the age of 31, you have no kids. It’s called BIRTH CONTROL and planning. 
  • Asking questions like “What’s your personal relationship w/ Jesus” on first dates. Uhm…it makes me uncomfortable. Can we talk about music? 
  • Negros coming out the woodwork. You wasn’t paying me no mind...I swear...Summertime brings out fools 
  • Unwanted dating advice. 
  • Stuff you THINK are compliments like “You are fine as f*ck” or “…with your fine a**”. REALLY? 
  • Humility that can be translated as “self-consciousness” Not sexy playa!
  • The fact that me not having a car is/will STILL hender me in dating...*sigh*

1 comment:

  1. I had wondered what the pick of the football team had to do with dating. The Mocha Peach doesn't miss, does she? She hits everything she swings at.

    Co-sign @ compliments of unusual things, communication, politeness.

    And realness.

    More than a few of your not feelings have me cracking up over there. Numbers 1, 4, 5 and 8.



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