June 25, 2010

Can We Go Back: A Poem

Can we go back…

To the day that we met

And how you made my stomach do flips and turns

Instead of how when I look in your face

I want to throw up

I want to go back

Back to the day…

That you looked in my eyes and made me melt

And how my palms were sweaty with anticipation

Instead of how now my palms sweat with nervousness

And my palms itch ready to slap the sh*t outta you

I want to remember

How you felt in my arms during a hug

How your smile warmed me from the inside out

And how your touch sent chills down my spine

Instead of the chilling feeling I got

When I realized you might not be all together “there”

Back then..

You looked good

You smelled good

Now you look crazy

And I smell foolishness

I want to remember..

The anticipation I felt

In walking toward you

Now when I see crazy coming

I cross the damn street

Because I don’t want to remember

The crazy muthafucker you truly are

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