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A Dating Pre-Nup??

My girlfriend Tee and I were on our Blackberry Tour's just chatting away. Of course..we were talking about boys, silly games and dating. And she goes.."I heard on the radio they were talking about dating pre-nups. Hell...maybe I should get one"

Immediately I said, this is BLOG worthy! LMAO! A dating pre-nup? How frigging ridiculous! But..I didn't want to be totally bias without doing some research. So I ran across and article in the NY Post about it. I read with my mouth wide open. Damn...people are serious! Actually it's called a "co-hab", for folks who are dating (but not married) and want to set some guidlines for how their relationship should be ran and division of property if they cohabitat (it's mostly about property). Many are praising this as a new, effective means of communication in relationships. And apparently in the wacky ways of NYC law, these co-habs are legally binding contracts for a state that doesnt recognize unmarried couples.

The article gives a few tips:
Create your own pre-prenup

* Discuss the idea with your partner and decide if a pre-prenup is necessary and important to you both.

* If you have valuable possessions, consult a lawyer. “If you have nothing, you can split nothing both ways,” says family law attorney Philip A. Greenberg. “But if you have property, or one is putting the other through school, it’s not something you should do yourselves.”

* If your valuables are more big sentiment than big bucks, consider drafting your own agreement and put it in writing, complete with signatures and witnesses. “If the only issue is Fido, then you don’t need a lawyer,” Greenberg says. “Two intelligent people can come up with an agreement.”

* Choose what to include in your cohab agreement. Items to consider: shared property, partner support, pre-relationship or future debts, joint household purchases, educational expenses, pets, life insurance, health proxies and joint banking accounts — among others. You can even list rules for your relationship and possible breakup, although enforcing these can be tricky.

* Revisit your dating prenup whenever a significant life event or change in circumstance occurs in your relationship. If you go from renting to owning together, or one wants to quit work for school, “you want to provide for that,” says Greenberg. “You have to use some common sense.”

And just for good measure, good ol' CBS News decided to talk about it on their morning show:

I sat there at first laughing. Why the hell should you need one when you are dating? What do you have to protect? Well..the answer is: Your Heart.........but nevertheless I sat and started to jot down the things I'd love to have in a dating Pre-Nup...and it would go a lil something like this...*hitting a B-girl stance*:

You, person of the opposite sex who wants to date me for an extended amount of time, will adhere to the following:
  • You will have sex with me a minimum for 3 times week. to last between 30 and 60 minutes per session  Unless I am sick or you have no issues riding the crimson wave.
  • On days I am tired from school, you will cook and/or take me out to eat or provide take-out.
  • On nights I get out late from class, you will pick me up
  • You will take me out at least once a week. And no, dinner and movies DO not count.
  • If we decided to co-habitat (which I doubt), you take all the sh*t back with you you came with (gifts notwithstanding). So don't sneak my CD's out the house!
  • If we get a big-ticket item together, we will split the costs and whoever uses it more keeps it if we break up (Wii,couches, etc) OR sell it and split the proceeds.
  • You will get a regular pedicure as to not sever my femural artery in the bed with your toes.
  • Pay all bills equally
  • If you make a mess, clean it up (your dirty socks included)
  • Fix stuff and/or hire a person to do so
  • Wash all Cars
  • We will go on vacations at least ONCE a summer.
  • Establish a little "fun" money fund for trips, etc.
In return I promise to:
  • Cook
  • Not talk a lot.
  • Do all the nasty freak sh*t you wanna do outside of three-somes and weird junk.
  • Keep a fairly tidy home
  • Not crowd the closet space if we cohabitat with my shoe addiction
  • Let you go to the strip club with your boys ONCE a month
  • Allow you to put a pole in our bedroom ONLY if you use real money
  • Give head during half-time of all sporting events on TV (with exception of Superbowl and when my team is on)

Now what dude wouldnt sign that????


So what would be in your dating pre-nup???


  1. LOL @ give head during halftimes.

  2. I LOL at that too! You are too a good way!

  3. LMAO! Soror! Your dating prenup is AWESOME. Type me one up too... sounds good to me!!

    As for this whole dating prenup business as a whole, *smh* I don't think Judge Judy gone honor that sh*t! And if JJ don't recognize it, it ain't real! :-)

  4. LOVE your pre-nup! LOL the loudest @ "don't sneak my cds out the house". cds are ALWAYS relationship collateral!

  5. ROFLMAO @ Allow you to put a pole in our bedroom ONLY if you use real money....


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