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Basic Fantasies

I was sitting here at work thinking to myself...I'm so damn basic.

You know how most women have these fantasies about thier lovers whisking them away to some island...dripping in diamonds..on a yacht...horseback...shirtless and tan... (like the Old Spice dude) and showering them with all these romantic gestures

I'm 31 years old. Long gone are the days where I JUST want that. Now..dont get me wrong..all that stuff is nice..but I am steeped in reality.

Howbout you bring me some lunch and flowers to work on a whim cause you know I got plastic plants in my office and a stale turkey sammich (today's lunch BTW....)

OR....have a maid service come and clean my place while I'm gone for the day....and steam clean my dirty ass carpet....

OR program my DVR to record a show you know I'd like to watch...

OR buying me the complete series of Thundercats and Fraggle Rock on DVD...(LOL)

OR...have dinner ready and IT TASTE GOOD....

Or get me a BIG wholesale box of Wooden Hangers so I can really organize my closet.

I dunno. I'm over the whole "romance me...twirl me around in a trance...etc". I just want a "REAL" love. I think about stuff my Dad does. For example...I know my dad loves me even though we dont have the best relationship. I used to be SO MAD that he'd just bring me what I felt was "useless shit". One day he brought me a blanket, a coffee mug. and a day planner........I thought to myself.."WTF do I need this for??" And sure fav blanket got ruined in the wash...i broke my favorite sorority coffee tumbler...and my Blackberry went on the fritz so I couldnt add stuff to my calendar. I just laughed..cause somehow dude had ESP or something. Just recently..I realized my wallet is a bit uhm.."juvenille" looking. My mama came to my house and goes.."Oh...this is from your Dad"...It was a crock mini-organizer wallet....I was like.."DERN! How'd he know I needed a new wallet!!"

See what I mean? That's real love right there! :).

My ex-husband even had his streaks of doing that kinda stuff.........but...that was few and far between and often times I was the one doing that stuff. I'd lay out his ties. Pack his lunch...I even brought him lunch to work one time at 1 am...when he worked over night (Lest we forget..........) It would be nice to have that kind of reciprocity.

I swear it seems like I'm not asking for much. But to some's like pulling a freaking tooth and amputating a leg at the same time...torture

Enough about me...what's your "Fantasy"?


  1. often, i don't have a real comment... except "wow", because it's pretty amazing to realize how many women go thru the exact same things. i find it amazing that we are different in so many "label-istic" ways, but wow, can i relate?! lol!

  2. Washing the dishes.......Oh how I would love for Ron to wash the dishes after I cook!!!!!

  3. How about calling the babysitter and then calling me from work to say, "The sitter will be at the house in an 30 minutes. Your friends are waiting for you at Luna Maya and a taxi will take you home. Stop what you are doing and go get ready. I'll take care of everything when I get home." *le sigh* That would be the awesome-sauce right there!


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