June 4, 2010


OMG! You guys..I am SO SORRY for not announcing a winner of
GIve Away #2: Just in Case  Condom Compact and Trojan Ecstacy Condoms I let things with school, personal and what not let it just SLIP away from me! I do apologize 1000 times over! HOWEVER...we do have a winner!

.....and the Winner is...

Her answer to the question: "How do you take charge of your sexual health?" was both funny and thorough

She said:

What do I do...

I attend my annual dr's visits and then nag my Fiancé to go to his appt.

I watch my diet, take my vitamins, sleep with no undies and wear them less in the summer too (gotta have ventilation, ha!)

Oooh and always use 3 toliet seat covers!

Yep...that's all I can think of. Pretty cool contest Mocha (thumbs up).
Congratulations, girlie!!  Thank you for sharing on Facebook as well as  being brave enough to answering the question!
Please email me with your information in the next 3 business days :)
Please stay tuned for Give Away #3......coming soon :)

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