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100 Dates of Summer.....So Far

So here we are..the first day of summer and I, TheMochaPeach, armed with on-line dating memberships have branched out and actually gone on a few dates....and well..some had better results than others. Here's a recap of the date's Ive been on:

Date #1: Mr. Buckhead
So I met a guy at the posh Buckhead (ATL) Starbucks in Lenox Mall. He was a gorgeous, 33 year old man who was a finance consultant.  Funny thing was..he didnt offer to buy me coffee OR even suggest we get coffee. He talked incessantly about how women in ATL want his money...and are lured in by his car and its so easy to impress women here. I felt the bile rise in my mouth. He asked me to walk around looking at ties in the mall. All of a sudden in the middle of Kenneth Cole, he hugs me and goes "Well...I'll leave you to shop", I was like.."That was weird". And  he just up and left. Didn't call back again. So was his idea to meet in the first place

Date #2: Dr. Cutie

So..I met up w/ Dr. Cutie, a  34 yr old PhD candidate and teacher in the local school system, at my local Waffle House. I actually walked there from my place (totally wasnt far). In walks a tall, dark, bald and handsome. I was instantly smitten. We talked for about 2 hrs in the waffle house. I was smitten, I will admit. He said all the right things. like "Oh you'll need an understanding partner in this process of PhD programs..."  And as a PhD student, he knew what I was going through. After the breakfast, we walked around Pier One. He opened all doors. He was very much a gentleman..and I hugged him. I sent a text thanking him for the date and said we had to do it again. He agreed. Well...a day goes by. No call.  I send a reply.He finally calls like 2 days later, The convo was ok.. Then it wasnt another 3 days until I finally called and heard from him again. Gosh..all he did was ramble about nothing. *sigh*...then another WEEK goes by. I actually felt really bummed that he dissed me. Here I was thinking this guy and I had a lot in common. I had called him. It went straight to voicemail. So anyway....I hear from the guy later on..he calls me singing "Fistful of Tears". I thought to myself "Oh jesus..please dont make me hate Maxwell!!". HE said he called me work (LIE) and said he left messages on my housephone (another LIE). He def had me mixed up. talk about a second date. Instead..he  talked about reality TV...and was persistantly asking me why I didnt have a car (and making jokes about it..very insensitvely might I add). It turned me off. I told him quite bluntly..if me having a car is a pre-req for dating, then I need for you to kick rocks and move on. We haven't talked in about a week.

Date #3 Churchmouse
Churchmouse, 29,  actually worked at a local social services agency that another dude from my past (affectionately known as the Ambiguously Gay Wierdo) worked. Churchmouse also went to college with me so we knew some of the same people. The world was small. He had initally asked me to see a cheap, bootleg church play that his megachurch was putting on and I declined. I HATE those kind of plays. Instead, I opted to meet him on my own turf..and I cooked dinner (I made sure I put my bodyguards on alert) and rented a movie. Well...the first thing dude asks me is about my personal relationship with Jesus and had I recieved Christ as my personal savior. I was like.."Uhm...Im DEVELOPING a relationship". It made me so uncomfortable. I hate questions about religion on first dates. He ate my food and sorta frowned at it. Uhm....strike one. Then we were watching the  movie and he seemed was it. We hugged, parted ways, but havent communicated since.

Date #4: The Insecure Fireman

I actually blogged about him the other day.  (Yo..catch up! LOL) Since that time, me and the Sexy Fireman, 33,  went bowling as well while I was om vacay. He took a half-day at work, drove wall the way down to see me, and we had a great time. I'm a terrible bowler but dude was a PRO. Had his own ball, shoes, etc. I sucked.. Gutters all day long. He even awkwardly gave me a kiss of encouragement. I blushed because he had missed my lips all together and got the corner of my mouth. After the date...he chilled and talked outside for a while. I really liked him. But...all of a sudden the communication stopped. I called..he didnt return calls. I personally think that I lived too far for him. (at least an hr's drive....) so I am sorta out of the way for him And he has a 3 year old and I know he invests a lot of time into her (he has her every other week). This makes me sad...and I sorta went into a little funk about it. I sorta hope I do hear from him.

And finally..the piece de resistance.....

Date #5: The Aggressive , MAGNAnamousTexter

Just recently (Monday), I went on a date with a guy who had been texting me non stop. Anyone who has read this blog knows I abhor the serial texters. I feel like they have poor communcation skills. He was funny though saying stuff like "When you get rid of those other busters, call me...." . And finally, he broke me down and convinced me to have drinks with him Monday.  I went into it with an attitude like "Look..dude is probably about to be a dick."

9:45 comes and dude says he's outside my complex....funny cause I was walking outside to go sit by my pool anyway...and listen to my Ipod..cause I thought for sure I was being stood up. I go outside...and I see dude. He gets out the car in dark shirt.....and grinning like a complete idiot. I was like...Here we go..*rolls eyes* he hugs me and I felt nothing but pure, solid muscle. Dude is 36,  like 6 feet so I was like..that's cool. And he smelled great...He hugged me..kissed my cheek.....

So I get in the car (of course after getting his tag info..) and he was laughing. HE said.." not trying to kidnap you...seriously. That aint smart if I'm all on the internet! LMAO!". True. We talked and laughed. He def took note of my toes and shoes (What is UP w/ the men and the toe thing...LMAO!) . We had the windows down and it was a breeze..a hot breeze. He had asked me a while ago what my fav music was....and he was playing it on the Ipod (Wow..buddy...went all out).. And boy..could he talk! I dunno what it is abotu dudes from the NorthEast (He's from Boston)...but lawd they talk your head off. It was hot..and I was starting to sweat in places that we not good. He was VERY complimentary. He said I had amazing cheekbones ..I reminded him of Janet Jackson w/ the Cheekbones.. I was like..hmmm..ok.
Poor dude thought he was taking me to some new shit and was taking me to Cafe Intermezzo (VERY popular date spot here in ATL). It's dark, candlelit...french bistro/desserts are the bomb..drinks are always good. At first he was joking saying he was taking me to a strip club..LOL. But he said "thats a poor first date choice.." I got out the car and he literally walked around me. He said he had to do a 360 and check me out (lol). I just rolled my eyes. We sat in a corner and talked.. I think we covered so much Found out he used to work for a major sports franchise in their accounts department.. He asked if I wanted kids and I blurted out inadvertantly "Oh God yes...". I felt embarassed and had to check myself. and said "I dont mean like RIGHT NOW! or looking for a donor" He smiled and said "Oh I knew what you meant... I want at least 2-3 more kids..I come from a family of 6...." He lived about 15 min from me and I said quickly.."I dont have a that an issue". He was like.."Absolutely not. Even IF you had a car..I'd be picking you up...and if you ever need a ride..I'd gladly pick you up. Will your classes be running late? I can meet you if you need to..anytime...just call me...."
HE ordered a martini. I always take note of a man's drink. I think Martinis are james bond-like. LMAO! My skin was moist from the heat (then I put on too much baby oil combined w/ sweating in unnatural places)...and he said.."Your skin is glowing..beautiful mocha color...this heat must do amazing things for your skin....". I just laughed....(cause it sounded ridiculous! LMAO..this dude's lines were something)..and he stroked my bare arm...amd my stomach, once again..did a weird flip. I was like (internally) ....."WTF is going on, dude! I thought WE hated this cat...and his rampant texting.". Uh oh...... He noticed the mole on my leg....I thought to myself "I thought my ex  was good at the compliments...this dude has him beat!" Dudes from up north are charmers...*smh*

After sitting and talking for almost 2 hrs...he took me back home. He hugged me at the door and kissed my cheek..and lingered. and squeezed. And after 2 more hugs.....a little small talk...I felt the flip in my stomach rise to become a lump in my throat. I laughed and I sorta smiled...he whispered "Good night."in my ear....and I had to let out a "Woo sah" as I was turning the key in the door....

He called and let me know that he was home "I have to see you again"..he said. I told him to just let me know..I'd love to see him. He goes.."Wednesday...I want to see you Wednesday" I said.."No..I can see you tomorrow.

So on TUESDAY....things did a total 180......

 (Note: This is a VERY edited version of this because..well......I need to censor some shit! LOL)

So we are out chilling.... I look down and see what I thought was a little box of Magnums in his pocket. Dude gets up and they fall out his pocket,  I saw red and snapped. I said "i dunno what the fuck kinda party you think this is but we aint getting down. I don't care if your dick wraps around your leg twice.. We aint getting down". He goes "they musta fell out my bag". I said "negro I saw em in your pocket!!"So he's like "look. Just chill. I swear...It's not going down". I just gave him the side eye

Let's just say the rest of the night ended w/ him leaving with blue balls...and me being angry.

Ahh! *sigh*. I said I wanted an adventure and I got it.  I'm actually about to let my dating membership expire. So until then ...I got oh....94 more dates to go. Let's see how I can hold up.... :)


  1. Okay when did we stop being adults and not return phone calls or at least being honest with each other.

    Guy#2--He can just go f*ck himself lol
    Guy#3--This is a date,not alter call
    Guy#4--This distance isn't gonna work for me..Straight and to the point
    Guy#5--Need to head to the club and find a girl for the night.

  2. LMAO@ sentiments exactly!

  3. Thanks for that recap - I feel almost all caught up now (having been without internet for freaking 2 weeks).

    Well you have had some interesting dates so far! My fav. guy is the last.... hmmm, am I the only one that thinks the condom episode shouldn't be a complete rule out? I probably wouldnt have even snapped at him on the date, to be honest. I would have probably just laughed, to lighten the (tense) moment and just commented that I knew those weren't intended for us, since things def weren't going down like that. I mean, there are sooo many reasons he could have had those on him (none of the reasons I can think of are that good, of course).

    But I do think that one time of exercising bad judgment, on his part, doesnt necessarily mean he is a terrible guy. Presumptuous and audacious, yes. BUT I might see what he has to say in at least one more conversation before cutting all ties completely. This faux pas on his part could be the perfect segway into a conversation about expectations, perceptions of one another, and sexual histories (health-wise, I mean).

  4. i agree with y. while i'm also sad (such a girl) about fireman dad (so cute!), i understand the distance thing. as far as condom man, isn't it a good thing to be prepared? i don't even think it necessarily means he sees you (or any other woman) as easy... but it's drilled into men's heads to always have condoms...
    i'm a lesbo... & also celibate (& hormonal) for almost 7 months... so what do i know? but seems like a really cool connection.

  5. Awww man, I liked the last guy!!!! Man, clearly he doesnt know you, and he didnt realize that you would go off on him, but I, like Y and DonnyElle dont think you should write him off........


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