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Thursday Tunes: Alanis Morrisette..."Head over Feet"

I've been a fan of Alanis since I was a brooding teenager, locked away in my room listening to grunge, hip-hop, and Jazz (I was weird...yeah). But anyway, Alanis' "Jagged Little Pill" was the album that defined a major love and break up of my teenage years.  I really liked my HS boyfriend...we broke up and made up probably 100 times during the course of 9th through 12th grades (LOL). This year, it was VERY bad, as I found out he tried to holler at a girl who rode my school bus....(alas....she didn't make the cut and I did...BOOM..maybe cause I scared the sh*t outta him...anyway...LOL)

Released in 1995, Jagged Little pill went on to sale over 30 million copies and earned Alanis a sh*t load of Grammys, sealing her dopeness and influence on a ton of other pop=rockers to come: Fiona, Pink, Avril to name a few.

The Canadian singer-songwriter is a little folk, a lot of rock, and a lot of indie pop. Some may know her for her time on "You Cant Do That on Television"...but she's truly a musician and writer.  She has hits after hits.   My favorite song in fact is not the one I am posting (It is "Uninvited"...) but this song nevertheless, defines how I am feeling right now. The video was simple...heartfelt....and you can see the emotions all in her face.

My fav lyrics:

Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole
You're so much braver than I gave you credit for
That's not lip service

In an effort to embrace my bliss in 2012...this song definitely epitomizes howI feel, particularly about love.  That giddy,unparalled"newness" that every new relationship has the makings of....

".you already won me over......."

Keep winning, babe *wink*


  1. OMG!!!! Jagged Little Pill was one of my all time favorite albums between Junior/Senior year. I listed to that album over and over. My favorites were, of course, Ironic, Head Over Heels, and One Hand In My Pocket. Gosh, it's so nostalgic listening to this. Amazing that I still know the words after all these years. smh

  2. Jagged Little Pill still goes hard such a classic record LOVE me some Alanis. I hope she brings the heat again I haven't been feeling her new music lately.


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