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Feeling/Not Feeling: The Vday Love Edition


  • * roses . I think they are so beautiful to look at. White ones are my favorite.

  • * all this chocolate! I go into diabetic shock 

  • * dressing up and going out on a fancy date . That's always fun

  • * red is my favorite color so red is everywhere 

  • * red lingerie. Nuff said

  • * doing it ( shrug) Condom sales be thru the roof.

  • * diamonds

  • *chocolate covered strawberries.

  • * some guys really do put their best foot forward for valentines day

  • * I hate Vday themes parties.

  • * the movie Valentines Day is always gonna be on from now on 

  • * being single is good. I mean you can have multiple dates right ? Lol

  • * love songs all day long

  • * lots of babies will get conceived lol

  • * mushy commercials

  • *spa specials

  • * maybe I'll have a valentine this year

  • * kissing 

  • * champagne is everywhere! 

  • * surprises at work. Flowers etc

  • * I miss the old school parties you had in school w/ the little candy grams from classmates 

Not Feeling:

  • * but as Andre 3000 reminds us... Roses still smell like boo boo

  • * getting engaged in holidays are lame but a Vday proposal or wedding is extra lame. 

  • *if your birthday is the same day, just like Christmas you are screwed 

  • * but I hate all things pink . Blah!

  • * just because someone gets you a gift doesn't mean they care or if you don't get a gift that they don't care. It is one day. Not a measure of love. 

  • * what if v day is the first time you have sex w/ that person and it's wack? You're going to hate hate that day forever.

  • * speaking of sex ... Sex toys and trying wild freaky stuff like a are awful gift (unless you are into that sorta thing) 

  • * women who forget to pamper the guy as well. It ain't all about you! 

  • * that wack basket from the gas station or sold on the street

  • * cheap perfume

  • * e-cards. How lazy are you not to go down to hallmark 

  • * people who commit suicide from loneliness. Painful 

  • * that this stupid holiday isn't even a real one yet folks get bent outta shape over it. It should come like leap year 

  • * first dates being on that day. I do not take them for the simple fact that's too much pressure and people have too many fronts going on. You ain't this dope all the time

  • * I guess black people don't buy diamonds cause we are hardly ever in commercials

  • * lots of crying induced by liquor lol

  • * sad love songs 

  • *how hurt you have to be to actually throw an "I hate valentines day " party

  • * I've never had a valentine. Nope. Not even when I was married. Never had flowers sent either. Blah! Lol

  • *if you got divorced or dumped on Vday ... Here is a hug in advance 

  • *sending flowers to yourself 

  • * those big ass heart shaped cookies from the mall. Nasty!

  • * being single on that day. People just damn you to a life of matronly solitude 

  • * that you are going to have to deal w/ your annoying in love friends all damn day 

  • *just turn off Facebook lol

  • * yes unfortunately we gotta deal with this wretched pseudo holiday again next year 


  1. LMAO @ roses still smell like boo-boo. Whenever I hear someone refer to poop as "boo-boo", I start laughing. Is that a Southern thing? I never heard that until I left MA. Poop jokes aside, I'm over V-Day and it isn't even here yet! I already made the crabcakes. . .now what?!

  2. My mama's BFF got married on V day YEARS ago my mama told her not to do it of course they ended up div but they had a good run almost 20yrs.

    I have a play niece whose b day is V day. I always feel sorry for her she is a teen, but then again she gets extra gifts.

    I have not had a Valentine since college.

    I am deciding if my V day treat will be Godiva choc cheescake or a cheesecake brownie *decisions decisions*


  3. Goodness, i havent been out on a date in so long i dont even remember what that's like (lol - not kidding). We're "supposed" to be starting that back up for 2012 but we'll see. smh

    Mmm, i love chocolate covered strawberries. Me and my sisters send that to one another for every birthday. It's so inexpensive at Edible Arrangements, and of course we're splitting the cost by 3 (lol). But it's such a nice, sweet, inexpensive way to pamper yourself, i look forward to mine every year.

    lmaooo @ having wack sex on V-day. I guess that would kinda taint the holiday going forward. Hahaha!

    lol, we grew up saying "boo boo" too Hilary, and my parents are from the south... so maybe it is a southern term?

  4. To be honest, I've always viewed Valentines Day as a bullshit holiday. Still, anyday that is designated as a day to give lingerie is a damned good day. But the thing I like most about Valentines Day is the fact that my birthday is 3 days before Valentines Day, so I always know how far I have to go that day based on what I got.

  5. Ok in an effort to be better for 2012..I promise to respond to people (LOL)

    @Hilary..yeah..I think "boo boo" is a polite Southern way of saying poop. I mean..crabcakes aside..we gotta come out guns blazing. Are the stillettos and your preggers belly still out of the question? I mean just to teeter into the bedrom? LOL

    @Daisy..yeah getting married on holidays and birthdays..BAD IDEAS. I got married on Earth Day (LOL)..I still love the earth though. But perhaps oyu will get a Valentine..and I choose cheesecake...always

    @Yakini:*gasp* You and D need to make time for a date. You two are both too young and gorgeous for that. Period! As long as the sex isnt wack (which I am sure it wont be...)

    @Reggie: Yes..Vday is a made up holiday..but so is "Halloween" and I love it just the same (Well..I actually like Halloween more) Im sure given its close proximity to your are winning all around!


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