February 15, 2012

Asteroids: a poem

I am earth
deep and wide
Full of water and mass
Inhabited by feelings diverse
I see you tumbling toward me

You are dense and massive
Rock ablaze.
Coming at me
Hard and steady
Interplanetary collision
Set for my heart

I hide it... This love
In my core
Hot and heated
Unsure and unwavering
Volatile and steaming
I don't want you here
But I need to feel you

Foreign object with eyes on me
Beaming orbs of obsidian
Set on a course
A course plotted by the divine.

I pray
I pray you reach me unscathed
I feel like we are both asteroids
And like an asteroid .
Feels like this love
was destined to collide, burn and crash Into the atmospheres
Before feeling its impact

How fleeting it was
A shooting star
A spinning top
Supernova swallows us whole
Never to return the same again

My tears are a meteor shower
Pounding on my chest
Pulsating with fear
No impact felt
You've faded
Back into galaxy

Maybe in another lifetime
We shall meet
Until then
We orbit endlessly

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That one was deep - different than ones I've read from you in the past, with the sci-fi symbolism. Loved that.



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