February 21, 2012

Girlfriend: A Poem

Hell naw.
Fuck that.
I dont want to be your girlfriend.
I'm a grown ass woman
With needs and desires
I got curves and dips and hips
Things beyond the teenage concept of this word.
Girlfriend? Nah bruh...

I'm not trying to be his Girl.. Or girlfriend. Fuck that.
My age has transcended that.
I'm trying to be your earth..your necessary feminine energy. 
My pussy is a wave ocean of orgams.
You'd drown in this...
No...this isn't any girlfriend shit.

You don't finger this in the back of a school bus
In the lockeroom or hallways
You bow down to the altar of woman hood
On your knees
Speaking in tounges.
This aint no girlfriend shit...

Nope. Not trying to be a "girlfriend". No.
 I wanna be the air you breathe.
Your sunshine in the rain.
I want to be the peace in your life.
I want to be more than a girl who is your friend.
Not your girlfriend.

The reason your dick stays hard  and makes mornings bearable...
The reason you make grown ass decisions for.
The reason you put away 3 months salary.
The first thought in the morning
The last thought at night
Yes...my dear..
.that's not even a  close to a girlfriend.

I'm not the girl to f*ck
I'm not the one to booty call.
I'm the one you "do" when you are bored
Not the one to keep in your back pocket
I'm a mind fuck in itself
I'll fuck your mind
Exceptionally well...

I'm not your wet dream
Your cyber fantasy at 3 am 
Not the masturbatory aid for your feelings
I'll touch you deeper than that.
Penetrate the core of you
More than any self stroke could do

Fuck that..
I'm not trying to be THAT girlfriend...

I was meant to love you
I was meant to please you
I was meant to not put up with your excuses
And tell it like it is.
I wont sugar coat it.
Love doesnt do that

A grown ass woman .
 Not no girlfriend .
 Not no bullshit wifey.
 Not no "main chick" 
No other poor substitute for anything
 Other than what I was meant for.

 I'm your woman . 
Not your girlfriend


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