February 23, 2012

Retrospective Romance: The Haiku Series (Part I)

You interact me
 feelings in continuum 
 just react to you

You have done nothing
to make me feel what I feel
what I feel is you

 I drink your praises 
 chased down with absolute truth

This heart of mine bears
secrets for you so deeply 
 buried in my soul

Pussy isn't free
but my pussy I'd give you
 ever so freely

I lick your dimples
tongue feels hollows of your cheek
in my hand you're hard 

Sugar coated kiss
placed at the nape of my neck
 so I know it's real

It's dark and stormy
Just like the drink in your hand
It matches my heart

I swim in oceans
pools of molasses and brown
 the depths of your eyes

I apologize
 not with my words or phrases 
With open, wet mouth

I do disservice
to your neglected, poor heart
My kisses shall heal

Introspective you
Meeting Retrospective Me
Brings us perspective

It's getting so late
But too early to close this
New chapter...new page


  1. When are you gonna publish all this in a book? This is such good stuff! You probably have enough for several anthologies by now.

  2. *snaps fingers*

    I would def buy your poetry book and have my friend put it in his book store



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