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Feeling/Not Feeling: Random Thoughts


  • getting complimented on my locs
  • Rachel Roy is just the dopeness
  • sexy text messages that are so random they make you blush
  • Sadly..Phaedra might be my favorite RHOA. 
  • Her and Apollo are kinda hot together..Im jealous.. 
  • Their baby is the CUTEST
  • I want a baby *sigh* (LOL)
  • That my mother is totally on board with my getting a donor...just so long as he is smart AND handsome
  • My brother would be an awesome, spoiling uncle....
  • I'll be 34 next year. Trust me..if that ain't the time to do it...I dunno WHEN it will be....
  • Spring is just around the corner...
  • I think I am FINALLY breaking out of the "types" that I normally date.
  • cocky these days. Like..the Rihanna album is my when I walk.."Birthday Cake" plays...(LOL)
  • For example..I told a dude I was gonna "have him". What?? Like..when did this new MochaPeach come out?? Must be cause I'm getting close to the "35 and dont give a damn" marker.
  • Great about my finances...
  • My Sex and Society Women's Studies fun!
  • Hatchback cars
  • Denzel has a new movie..that's always dope
  • The way my guy friend says "Pussy". I mean it's not even SEXUAL about it...I just like his inflection on the word.
  • Cancun in 2 weeks! YESSSS you b(tches!
  • I like saying "You b*ches" LOL
  • I think I got a dissertation topic
  • Brandy and Monica back together
  • I like acting like a teenager sometimes. Not the loud obnoxious kind. The giggly, silly kind...
  • S&M...(Well..I mean...I'm doing some research on it...DISSERTATIOn stuff...yeah....*cough*)
  • Spotify
  • reading Craigslist personal aids. Them joints are sad yet funny.
  • I like the idea of a clitoris hood piercing..but I be DAMNED if I get one. No way...
  • Adam Levine...owww
  • The Voice is WAY better than American Idol
  • I really do need 2 more tattoos....coming soon...
  • My shoe collection is the sickets. Fucks with me if you want to...
  • Tequila is so damn delicious
  • I wish I had a personal chef/Bartender/sex slave/butler. LOL...I dont think they make those
  • I like that Obama is fighting of women's health and covering ALL birth control
  • Pinterest is so dope and addictive
  • Sally Hansen nail art
  • Again..Tequila is so damn delicioso!!!


  • That the fat won't magically disappear when I wake up. I HATE working out.
  • why are stupid, abusive and neurotic people allowed to fucking procreate? 
  • gay bashing. Cmon...let'get over it
  • Eddie Long crowning himself king. King of what?? The Lacefront Boy Lovers?
  • Facebook is oppressively and depressingly addictive.
  • I hate fucking theory. Fuck Foucault and Derrida and Lacan and all those old white men.
  • Men who cant fit Magnums....*sigh* Why were you born?
  • Men who refuse to please you orally...I mean..why were YOu born?
  • I'm sleepy...this Tequila is biting back!
  • I dont like people making fun of my southern accent. Dont be so rude you douchbag!
  • Why is this old ass women telling about an affair she had with JFK? If I had an affair with Obama wouldnt nothing be open but my legs.
  • BORED. Bored with my's time for something new
  • crazy bitches who cyber stalk. I mean grown up, heauxs
  • I wish ATL had a beach....
  • That Brandy/Monica song is wack though
  • I have no real birthday plans for the first time in years...
  • I think when I wear my locs up, I am much more non-threatening to white people.
  • Beyonce is wearing Spanx 1 month after that baby. Please get a grip on reality.  Jeesh..I want people to stop licking her booty. LOL
  • That my mama is actually on board with the donor thing. I mean I guess she gave up hope too.
  • My birthday is getting closer and closer.
  • Why cant the ones we miss be closer to us?
  • when did little girls stop giving a damn about their skin care and hair? I see some many bad skinned, bad haired girls! JEESH
  • Steve Harvey is getting a talk show? WHY lord why?
  • I dont have isht else to freaking Video Blog about....I am so boring
  • Is there a way to like...put your vagina on a diet? Im it can get skinny.  ( Hey..Im asking..fat accumulates there too! LOL...)
  • Rihanna cant sing worth a damn though...
  • One bill down....mad more to go though *sigh*
  • Baby shower and wedding season is on the way...meaning I am gonna be broke soon
  • The news is mad women getting snatched up like crazy. Like no one will miss us.
  • *sigh*...I can never win these damn Tiffany Bracelets and Necklace auctions on Ebay. I am too slow I guess. It was supposed to be my birthday present
  • I bet my dissertation focus will change....LOL
  • I am too old to be digging on some dude like a teenager.
  • Causee then Im waiting up by the phone like a DOUCHE for your call....or looking at my cell like "Is it working? Or angry when I dont hear from you when you say you'll call
  • Ugh...does this mean I am developing "feelings"? Im a lame ass loser (LOL)
  • I hate wearing my heart on my sleeve
  • I should have learned to play chess and swim (random...i know)
  • Once again...Valentine's day is upon us....will I have a Valentine?? Hell no...*rolls eyes* I just want some of those chocolate covered berries, yo!
  • I dont even like telling people I'm in school's such a hassle to explain what Im interested in. I dont' even know anymore honestly.
  • I havent hardly worn ANY of the new shoes I have...fuck this! 
  • Why are almost all the MOST Hated Athletes black??? I do not care for that...
  • It's pretty obvious I wrote this tipsy huh?


  1. Your locs are really pretty - i cant believe how long they are.

    Yeah, Phaedra's baby is adorable. I crack up every time i see him with those full, pouty lips - looking just like his mama!

    Omg, we will be 34 next year?!! Dern!!! That sounds crazy.

    My shoe collection needs work. I totally take notes when i read your shoe blog.

    I hate working out too. Its just not for me.

    Yeah, i am not a fan of the Brandy/Monica song either. I wanted to like it SO much but it was just very underwhelming for me. I dont know if it'll grow on me...

  2. I am on the fence with Brandy and Monica's song I neither hate or love it but I can see myself singing it the more they play it on the radio. I will say I think the song could have been better.

    I am NOT Feeling CNN suspending Roland Martin or this cold weather BRRR

    I am not feeling Bobby Brown being kept from Bobbi K (if reports on TMZ are true)

    I am feeling my weight loss..woohoooo FINALLY

    I am ready to cut my locs to the nape of my neck this spring and get highlights.

    Phaedra's one liners are funny and her baby is cute but I am still team NeNe love her and her antics lol

  3. Tequila is my drink of choice.

    Every time I read you shoe blog I have to hit the shoe store.

    I am addicted to Pineterst.

    Eddie Long is the king of hot mess.

    Monica and Brandy are so 90s.

    I dont know how Beyonce is wearins Spandex in a month.

    I can never win anything on Ebay I dont pay attention good enough.


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