August 23, 2010

Guest Blogger Week

In the spirit of all things amicable (and to give myself a mental/spiritual break as my Phd studies begin)...I am initiating a guest blogger week.

Starting this'll get a lot of guest bloggers coming in to talk about a variety of topics such as:
..and a hodge-podge of other stuff not necessarily related to my overall blog theme..but just stuff they like to write about and that I love to read!

Hopefully I can bring you all something new..AND peep you to the folks that I LOVE to read..that Im sure you will get hooked on as well

PS: If you want to be a guest blogger, hit me up in the comments area w/ some contact info and we can get started from there.

1 comment:

  1. great idea Mocha, and thanks for putting me in the game to be one of your guest bloggers. when i return to blogging i plan to hold your blog hostage for an entire week and remove the bars from your blog. in the end, two things will transpire: either your readers will enjoy my spirit or my style of blogging will run them all away. Lol.



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