May 24, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Sade "Your Love is King"

To some..Sade's smooth adult sound epitomizes the 80s. While "Sade" itself is the band (also consisting of Stuart Matthewman who was instrumental in defining the sound of Maxwel and also formed Sweetbackl)...Sade would be nothing without it's namesake... Helen Folashade Adu, the biracial British/Nigerian who stormed the scene in the 80s with her smooth sound and gorgeous contralto voice.

I liked Sade...but...It wasn't until I went to my first Sade concert last year...that I was enamored with her. She was beautiful and regal and everything and more...and at 53 year sold...was SLAYING chicks half her age! Seriously..she was great in person. She had that one single ponytail, signature red lips..then let her hair loose in one set...and had on all white..and rose out the ground...I was in awe in Phillips Arena....

It's hard to pick out one single solitary Sade song that I like. But...inspired by my reading of Fifty Shades of Gray (I pormise...a review to come soon)...I picked Ana's ringtone for Christian "Your Love is King"

The lyrics are everything on this song. It is def about a woman who is all engulfed in the love she is experiencing.

I think my fav lyrics are the bridge at the end...
This is no blind faith
This is no sad or sorry dream.
This is no blind faith
Your love
Your love is real, 
Gotta crown me with your heart,
Your love is real, 
Never, never need to part,
Your love is real, 
Touch me
Your love is kind
Never letting go,
Never letting go,
Never going to give it up.
I'm coming,

We all want a love that is "king"...not in a submissive type of way (i.e. Fifty Shades of Grey)...but def in an all encompassing, no love greater, type of way.

Indeed...Love is King :)


  1. I absolutely love Sade. I have all of her albums and concert dvd's. My favorite song from her is "Maureen".

  2. Love is Stronger than pride

    Cherish the Day

  3. Wow, she looks different in that first pic. I'm not used to seeing her without her signature hairstyle (sleek ponytail, no bangs).

    This song is the jam. Definitely nostalgic, brings me back to my childhood. My parents used to play this album over and over.

    1. i love her w/ loose hair. when i saw her in concert.she let it down for the last part of the show..she looks GORGEOUS for a woman well over 50!



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