May 1, 2012

May Bliss Check In

"You can hear this, close your eyes .I just want you to listen to me.. Humor me please? .It's not easy to be adored, you in particular you have a tougher time with it than most, I get that, but I want you to give it a try. Think of it as an experiment. I promise I will be very wonderful at adoring you, Annie. It's an area where, I think I got a great deal of talent. You're worth the adoration Annie, you're worth it, and the fact that you don't believe it, has nothing to do with whether it's true or not, it is true for me, and that is all that matters."- Sam #2 from "HappyThankyouMorePlease


  1. Okay, it was hard for me to get past the earrings - they are fabulous!! I mean, they look so cute on you!

    So hard for me to understand how you haven't always thought of yourself as beautiful - you are such a pretty woman. I mean, like, classic pretty looks, not even "quirky" pretty-because-of-her-personality type pretty.

    But yes, back to the present message, there is someone out there for everyone, who will adore you without you having to change one thing!

  2. @Y..

    You are the sweetest. Yes..I love those them from an independent vendor near me. She has great stuff.

    And yeah..I was such an awkward kid growing up. I feel I blossomed kinda late.....but hey...Im here now. But thank you! :)

    Yes..there is someone for everyone. At one point...I thought someone found me. But I guess not. Here we are..back to the drawing board. But...we press on. :)



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