May 17, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Patti LaBelle "If Only You Knew"

The Queen LaBelle.. Patti Labelle still in her kicking off her heels...making delicious recipes from her cookbooks.  Born Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards and for Philly and def part of the "Philly Soul scene"....She started out as a lead singer of Patti Labelle and her Blue Belles...and then in the conceptual R&B/Funk group "LaBelle" (known for their hit Lady Marmalde). But as a solo Artist, is where she has reigned supreme.

I like a lot of Patti Labelle songs which totally defined the 80s for me.. (New Attitude, On my Own, When You've Been Blessed, You are my Friend, Over the Rainbow..etc..)  My mother even took me to a concert when I was 10.... But my fav has to be her only #1 to date ..
"If Only you Knew". She soulfully laments to a guy that she likes..who has no CLUE that she is so into him that way....

kbooks...and giving us diva fierceness...

 My favorite lyrics from that song:
I dream of moments we share
But you're not there
I'm living in a fantasy
'Cause you don't even suspect
Could prob'ly care less
About the changes I've been going through

I really feel some sorta of way when this song comes on. I don't shed tears at many songs, but this one always gets to me... Especially when Mother Labelle hits that high note at the end... *sigh*. 

I have had crushes...all kinds of unrequited love...and still do.......this song is for all the shy girls who had crushes...or guys that they just cant speak..and it just doesn't  "seem to come out right".

Patti is everything to me. EVERYTHING!

I think we've all been there.


  1. This is one of her prettiest songs. As soon as that beat/melody starts you just feel something in you!

  2. @Y..
    It's such a great song. simple lyrics but great song!



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