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Feeling/Not Feeling: Seasons Change


  • being aroused and teased (but in a good way)
  • straight white teeth on super chocolate men
  • the change of the seasons
  • less pollen
  • someone else washing my locs
  • Fifty Shades of's cheesy, fun summer reading
  • It will inspire you to be a freak (I promise...a blog will come soon)
  • funky colored pedicures (not ghetto)
  • Pinterest nail boards
  • best first dates ever!!! 
  • chivalrous men
  • NOT kissing on the first means something
  • Bose earbuds
  • hard working men....that smell like sweat :)
  • men's neckties
  • funky Iphone cases
  • Drag Queens
  • I am so anticipating this Maxwell concert....whew.....
  • Maybe I'll have a date.... *smiles*
  • 40 and 50% off Sales
  • My mama is turning 60!! 
  • piercings in odd places
  • quirky t-shirts
  • Nike Training Club
  • those cool Nike t-shirts that say "Don't Sweat Me" and stuff like that
  • New product reviews coming soon
  • I finally have a hold on the school/work/life balance....I think
  • No more birth control pills....helloooooo IUD!!
  • That song "Magic" by Future. So ghetto but I like it...I like SOME rachet music. Sue me.
  • Community
  • Grimm
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Sometimes fairy tales do come true for little black girls...

Not Feeling

  • people disappearing without warning. No nothing. It's rude. It's selfish. Fuck em.
  • people who do not return calls/texts
  • people who cancel on me...cancel anything. I hate it
  • Fifty Shades of Grey is written terribly, has terrible editing mistakes, is written in "British English" but is set in America. There are some serious flaws...and the English major in me is ripping it a new one (no pun intended).
  • that lace front wigs wont die
  • Tami Roman, Basketball Wives and their absolute trife-ness
  • I am kinda of tired of reality TV. It's getting so bad
  • Why wont they cancel The Game?? Thats a terrible show too.
  • the fat won't go away... but I am sweating like a dog everyday..sometimes twice a day
  • my current hair color. It's summer. I'm bored
  • people who will NOT separate my blog life from my real life...I don't post everything on here people. *smh*
  • I'm hurt that maybe I exposed too much
  • That my ex's friends read this blog. I wish they would choke on a dick. LMAO! Nosey bitches.
  • or my ex's for that matter. It's uncomfortable...
  • I really wish I had made this blog private...oh well.
  • The Treyvon Martin case makes me afraid to have a son. I really want a son though
  • Men who want weddings. You all are weirdos. I mean esp if you meet someone (like me....) who has been married before. I dont need that pomp and circumstance. Just me, you and a beach. *sigh*
  • Shows I like always get cancelled. This year it was Pan-Am...*sigh* Oh well.
  • My DVR is super full
  • Law and Order SVU is getting ridiculous now that Stabler is gone.
  • black people are way too ridic about gay marriage, sexual alternative lifestyles (like BDSM), and all kinds of kinky stuff. *sigh* I blame slavery. I am not even joking when I say that.
  • another mother's day w/o being a mom. *sigh* kinda tough


  1. I was ambushed by 3 aunts and my mom on mothers day about when I was going to get married and have kids. On top of that my GYN is on me as well *sighs*

    I LOVE my summer hair color just got it done last week!

    I was feeling the beach in Destin was NOT feeling leaving it :-(

    I LOVE me some hood songs too including Magic and bright nail color although I do think its ghetto but I love it all the same I have bright yellow on now!

  2. Eww @ your ex's friends reading your blog. I'd feel violated.

    lol, yeah, i agree about the pomp & circumstances. it would just be a whole lot of money spent and for what? i am good with us going to the j.o.p and then jamaica as a small family. that was perfect.

    i like the game BUT am angry they are firing the 2 main characters. i know there is more to that story and i cant wait for the truth to leak out.

    your mom is turning 60??? she looks GOOD!

  3. @Y...the ex's friends read..and then often are surprised if they show up in the blog. Esp if they did something detrimental or of significance. *rolls eyes* My ex's even read the blog..and sometimes that makes me uncomfortable too. *sigh*

    I don't want all the pomp and cirumstance but I guarantee..I'm going to find a man who wants a HUGE wedding..then I'm suckered in..*sigh* I wouldnt ask you to be a Bridesmaid again. LMAO! I wouldnt have any...*sigh*

    Yes..Mama is 60!! I am so blessed.

  4. I saw a young girl with piercings on her cheekbones/high cheek: NOT FEELING.

    I was watching some L&O episodes online yesterday, one had so many twists- unnecessarily so. *sigh*

    I think the Game is officially done. I heard Pooch got an awesome deal with some show on Lifetime, they fired Tia, so the show is dunzo.


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