May 3, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Monica.."Catch Me"

I feel like I grew up with Monica Arnold (now she married B-Baller Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers). Hailing from my hometown of ATL, Monica was a sassy 14 year old when she dropped on the scene with her debut album Miss Thang. She has had lots of hit, including a Grammy for her duet with Brandy "The Boy Is Mine" (which I wore out). Her vocal range is immense..from gospel bluesy duets with Usher....and a few others.  She had mature vocals even then...and I've loved (almost) every album she put out. She's endured a lot..including witnessing her boyfriend's suicide..leaving her kids' father after a 10 year relationship and now, finally finding love. Monica is awesomeness..(not to FLY is her hair all the time? Jeesh...) If I had ONE complaint (which is rare) that Monica needs to do more of these mid-tempo joints and DEF more ballads. She is a singer..not some hip-hop diva  wanna be singer. She can SANG...I mean stand flat-footed and sang!! She doesn't need all of that...but she's a mix of Mary J and Whitney. She could be "street" and she can be "Classy".....she can be POP and she can be R&B Soul Diva....

Monica is all of that..

She's had a resurgence in her career these past few years. Everything to Me signaled her triumphant return to R&B..and her new album "New Life" is gaining critical success. I've had new life on heavy rotation for a minute now. So many good songs...but one that resonates with me has to be "Catch Me"

Right now I am just THERE with this song. I refuse to chase....but I def want to fall in love. Just waiting on the right person to catch me....period.

My Fav Lyrics has to be the chorus:

I wanna fall in love, that's all I wanna do
I wanna fall in love, oh
I wanna fall in love 
(catch me catch me catch me catch me)
But you gotta catch me
(catch me catch me catch me catch me)
But you gotta catch me, oh catch me catch me

*swoons*..just a sweet song. While she complains about the thing she does for the guy..there is this level of  optimism that you hear in her voice....

And to the fellas..put on those Nikes, bruh...cause you gotta catch me :)


  1. I really, really like Monica too. And yes, her vocals are bomb. Definitely feel like I grew up with her - esp. since we're all about the same age.

  2. Yes..we are all around the same age. I feel like she has really evolved. I just want her to make more songs like this and less hip-hop driven stuff.



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