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Feeling/Not Feeling: Short and Sweet


  • the Friday before a long holiday weekend
  • long holiday weekends (lol)
  • Atlanta Jazz Fest in Piedmont Park
  • hitting the town w/ my girls
  • new beginnings
  • flirty texts
  • BBQ and the smell of charcoal
  • baked beans
  • My mama turns 60 in a few days!
  • being spoiled and getting my way
  • chimmichuri sauce...on anything....
  • Peking Ribs
  •  at least Fifty Shades of Grey is sparking folks sex lives
  • Willow Smith is going to play Annie on Broadway (or so my mother tells me from watching GMA)
  • chubby chocolate babies
  • all my Kindle reading. Up next...Hunger Games. I am on Book 1 of the Trilogy.
  • that John Travolta sex scandal is pretty funny

  • bittersweet endings
  • there is no beach close to a min hr's drive
  • unsolicited peenus pics
  • I havent been to NYC yet and all summer plans to go have been thwarted.
  • why is it going to be so damn HOT?
  • Why do I have to be at work the Friday of a long holiday weekend?
  • I cant BBQ on my patio. Drats!
  • not getting my way
  • i still have no idea how to cook for one.
  • Sooo..they aren't going to cancel Basketball Wives???
  • people who don't masturbate, esp men, are weird to me a little bit...but to each his own
  • i am neglecting my shoe blog badly. I need fresh ideas but I also haven't purchased any shoes yet. I'll think of something
  • people trying to kiss Will Smith. He slapped that dude hard.
  • Usher's real life Raymond vs Raymond...sooooo sad.
  • people who think that somehow bombing an abortion clinic in the name of "pro life" makes any damn sense
  • I don't think I have any "mothering" skills: no diaper changes, feedings or any of that to my name. Oh will I survive.
  • Pregnancy scares (thank GOD that has never been my life)
  • my thirst for poetry has dried create is becoming hard
  • why does my mama have a Pinterest, a twitter, a MySpace, a FB, Google Plus,  and a host of other online accounts? why is she so plugged in?
  • My dad on the other way too old fashioned for my taste.


  1. Last yr was the 1st time I touched myself with a toy (still haven't touched myself for real it grosses me out to think about).

    I am going to the Jazz Fest tomorrow can't wait.

    I think next season will be the end of BBWives. I dont have a prob with the show its trash tv my guilty pleasure but it has run its course so has RHOA.

    I am NOT feeling my AC being OUT again and my homeboy giving me the run around about coming over to fix it *turns up fans*

    I heard about Willow as Annie too.

  2. I'm always surprised to learn that there are people who don't masturbate. It's a little sad to me. That's the best way to learn your body, and be able to show your partner how to really please you. I think they're really missing out.

    lmaooo @ your mom is all plugged in. I love it! I wish my mother was too. All she does is style on email all day and send out annoying forwards, lol. smh

  3. @Y..
    I think it is VERY sad that people do not masturbate. You have to learn your'll be totally unfufilled. *smh*


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