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Thursday Tunes: WHAM! Careless Whisper

I was born in 1979. I am truly the last of the 70s babies. But truthfully, I was cut my musical teeth on the music of the 80s. One of which was George Michael: blue eyed, sexy soul brother of Greek descent from the UK who had hits as the ambiguously (ok...maybe not so ambiguous) gay duo WHAM! I mean, I was like 5 when WHAM was out so I had no idea what gay was. But I surely knew that George Michael, with his feathered, bleached hair, was hotter than fire and undeniably cute.

Their #1 chart topper was "Wake Me Up (Before You Go! GO!)", a danceable tune that was a serious hit for them....(then George Michael left the group, strapped on some tight ass jeans, and blew up...all before becoming a coke-head mess, soliciting men in a bathroom and ultimately coming out the closet)

But my fav WHAM song  of all time was he smokey, sax-filled tune "Careless Whisper". I used to belt this one out with my Mother's hairbrush all the time. As I got older, I really realized what the song was about: one man's deep yearning for a woman (a friend he obviously missed the signs with) during a sultry, seductive dance. He took her for granted and now she's leaving. It made me realize that hey...we don't slow dance and savor the moments OR the people in our lives.

My favorite lyrics:

"To the heart and mind
Ignorance is kind
And there's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find"

So sit back and enjoy George Michael (and that other dude) his prime... and with very AWESOME hair :)


  1. I don't care what anybody says, 80's music is some of the best. IMHO, it was basically the end of needing to have ACTUAL singing ability. Personally, Hall & Oates, is great to me for "Blue Eyed Soul". "I Can't Go For That" is one of my fav songs. No matter if it's someone trying to take advantage of your kindness or walk all over you or even bullshit you....It's the perfect song! Still sad George isn't "on my team" if you will:-) *whispers off to the side* It's "Wake me up" not "What me up".

  2. I LOVE him. Im so glad pneumonia didnt take his life.
    I think he was hotter during his Faith days though as opposed to Wham!
    His best song IMO is "One More Try" .Amazing

  3. OMG!!! Dude, we truly are twins. I LOVE this song - it's nostalgic for me, as I was/am such a George Michael fan and even had a lil' crush on him back in the 80's. (Okay, i had a crush on R&B singer Jermaine Stewart as well - obviously my gaydar was off as a youngun.' smh)

    This song was one of my favs!

    Man, i like this series you've been doing - 80's music is some of the best, and you are really taking us back with your picks!

  4. LMAO @ Yakini and her terrible gay-dar. LMAO Hey you were a kid....

    YES! One more Try is my FAVORITE!!! glad you all are enjoying this little series.

    @Yada..the pneumonia?? I pray he doesnt have HIV...praying! He's done a whole lot in his life

  5. I'm with you (born in '78), but I loved me some WHAM! Do you remember that Showtime at the Apollo when George Michael and Smokey Robinson came out and sang "Careless Whisper" together? My mom is a big Smokey Fan and I was a big WHAM! fan, so you can imagine the chaos. My other George Michael faves are "Freedom" and "Everything She Wants". And I will crank up "I Want Your Sex" when it comes on Pandora :)


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