January 27, 2012

Feeling/Not Feeling

This song still....

* that D'angelo might make a comeback
* The feeling I get when bills are paid
*Nicknames that don't sound generic or stupid
*that prayer does change things
*Shoes...Oh how I love thee. Esp my new Sam Edelman shoes...(blog coming soon...)
*bronzer...(that and brow stuff are my go-to items)
*full lips (I wish I had fuller lips)
* I am in a weird musical space. And I keep playing "soundtracks": Love Jones, Brown Sugar, the Best Man, Boomerang....these were all good soundtracks.
*The Voice is way more superior than all other shows
*Nick Cannon....say what you want but he seems like a nice, sweet man. I wish I had love like that.
*hatchback, fuel efficient cars.
*Floppy, fuzzy hats. The kind I can put all my locs under and look like a rasta
*hearing "have I told you how beautiful you are?" or..."your face is just perfection* *Le' SWOON*
*old fashioned Wall Calendars. This year in my office i have "beaches" theme....and then in my house I Have Marilyn Monroe...
*Speaking of which...I feel like I have this kindred, odd connection to Marilyn. I mean...I'm curvy like her I guess...
*less than a month until I see the beaches of Playa del Carmen
*steak. I shouldnt eat so much red meat...but I like steak. *shrug*
*turning 33.....I am gonna be so blessed to see another year.

Not Feeling:

*Lauryn Hill may never recover....*smh*
*D'angelo may never go back to the "how does it feel" Body. That's sad....*sigh*
*psuedo relationships. I mean yo..what IS this??
*Missing important phone calls.
* the "lull" that is within R&B and Soul Music. We need more music...more artist...more love and less "sex"
* I blame R. Kelly...(LOL)
* Putting myself on a "no new clothes/shoes for 2012" diet. I dunno HOW that's gonna work with the Shoe blog.
*spray tans...
*Guys claiming they like you "au naturale".Well guess what...it took me an hr to look this "natural". LMAO!
*Valentine's Day..(but more on that in a later feeling/not feeling post)
*Distance doesnt make the heart grow fonder AT ALL
*Black women dissapearing and no one seems to care
*American Idol officially bores me now...it needs to be cancelled.
*I could give a damn about Seal and Heidi Klum. He used to date Tyra..then marries her homegirl Heidi. He's foul anyway....
* Girlfriends sitcom box set costs 2 times more than the Sex and the City Box Set (which I have)
*SUV's. I've never liked them. They scare me.
* People in the 80s actually put on a Freddie Jackson album to make love. His voice is distracting
* People saying I look like Ledisi. Look here..just because we both have locs, round brown faces, and the same birthday....we do not look alike. I've been told i look like Janet Jackson, Lalah Hathaway..but every girl w/ locs is not Ledisi.
* being the person who calls or always contacts first. Men are so lazy these days. LOL.
* time is not on my side w/ school, working out, or even cooking my meals. This blows
*that I am not feeling good that I dont have a maid. (LOL)
*I didn't win the 77 million Mega Millions..but some girl did..with her BOYFRIEND. He bought the ticket. Oh..that's gonna be a fiasco. Girl he aint never marrying you. LMAO!
*I can never find a GOOD veggie burger when I go out. Never...*sigh*
*I'm scared as hell to vacay alone. But...I gotta do it. *shrug*
*Nervous at my academic goals
* I miss kissing. long, deep kisses...
*turning 33.....I am so not looking forward to that.
* I feel less than adult in a lot of ways.


  1. Nothing even matters will always remind me of the summer fling I had after college *swoons*

    Well actually Heidi went after Seal so wouldn't she be the foul one?

    I am still holding out hope and praying L Boogie finds her way again *bows head*

  2. I can't stand Veggie Burgers out either. We buy grillers by Morningstar, which i love - havent found a better one.

    lol, yeah, i dont think D'Angelo will be getting that body back. Let's just hope he can get the career part right again. What a talent he was.

    I like Nick Cannon too! I used to think he was so wack, corny, and not funny at all (well, the last one i still feel). BUt ever since he got married AND became a dad to dem babies i just feel differently. He seems so devoted and caring and loves him some Mariah. Now that's a real man.

    You do favor Janet, especially the smile.

  3. TheMochaPeach2/6/12, 10:20 AM

    @Daisy..they are both terrible..but anyway
    L Boogie needs our prayers

    @Yakini..I like these veggie burgers from Franklin Farms. They are the absolute best!

    I do have hope for D'ANgelo as well..and I LOVE Nick Cannon for his just ability to shake off the haters and be himself
    and girl..I WISH i had Janet's body. LOL



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