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Feeling/Not Feeling


  • Good Lovin'
  • Flexing your intellectual muscle and a vocabulary is sexy
  • Calm, not too over the top proposals
  • accents
  • sleeping naked after sex
  • Working out
  • Charles Barkley as a commentator. He is HIL-A-RI-OUS!! OMG! *wipes tears*
  • old fashioned epistolary, letters, poems, calls....
  • Beards (but we established this already)
  • Dimples...oh yeah....
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume
  • Adele's CD never gets old...
  • Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" is a GREAT song to get me thru that last mile
  • Listening to Boney James "Ride" album, in the complete dark, with a glass of wine
  • I have SUCH weird musical tastes....well..."ecclectic"
  • the ENTIRE new Anthony Hamilton CD..."Back to Love". ESP this song
  • I want someone to feel that way for me....soon and very soon
  • how my name sounds in certain accents...
  • regular magazines
  • counting down the days until I sink my toes into the sand
  • my creative writing has improved. I hope I can do the same for my academic writing
  • foot rubs
  • foot arch tattoos (def gonna be my next one)
  • sucking toes ONLY during sex. I mean,...any other time is kinda odd. (LOL)
  • All these celeb divorces....jeesh. Oh well
  • Again...Im not a fan of Beyonce AT ALL (and everyone knows this...) but I sure would like some of the JOY she feels when she sings "Love on Top" (and the song makes no sense...but still)
  • that I'm almost at my hair length goal of "Waist-Length"..and I'm better at self-styling.
  • ChescaLocs blog is so dope....she's awesome.
  • My boy Jackson Bracey won a dope award for best sex/relationship blog. I see you homie /li>
  • Wacka Flacka "Round of Applause"
  • ..Followed by Rihanna's "Birthday Cake"
  • apparently...I like strip club music
  • i"m so ATL (LOL)
  • I think I am on the verge of SOMETHING big.


  • Thug Lovin' (more on that in a blog TBA)
  • "Reppin my Hood'
  • Speaking of "hood" the HELL does ATL rank as the best city for black singles? LIES i tell ya.
  • Jim Jonez hood ass, piss-poor proposal to his long-time "Ride or Die" chick Chrissy
  • The term "Ride or die chick". Im not dying for NOBODY...esp not over no hood sh*t
  • Speaking of Chrissy...her mole has its own area code. Please remove that melanoma
  • Then again...she did get SOME kinda proposal...I dont know if I'd get another.
  • People who pound their fist when they talk to emphasis a point. I know you ain't bout that life or about sh*t for that matter.
  • relationships that are JUST full of texting and sexting.
  • emptiness and silence when I turn the key...
  • Working out.
  • My work load....Im over worked and underpaid. *sigh*
  • sleepless nights.
  • sleeping naked ALL THE TIME. No way..what if I gotta run out the house real quick??
  • that my shoe blog seems like it's do I spice that up?? *maybe a give away*
  • Shoot...I need a give-away for THIS site. I wanna do one for the fellas for V-day.
  • Speaking of men...MALE PMS is real and I aint feeling it.
  • HBO cancelled Bored to Death..that pissed me off!
  • the following words: Cock, Twat, and Cunt. They all make my skin crawl (even as I type them)
  • like I have anything to Video Blog about
  • dating while broke. Uhm....just don't date.
  • like a loser cause I can't play poker or golf.
  • Magazines on my Kindle. It's just odd. LOL
  • Again..I am NOT FAN..but folks hawking for the spawn of Beyonce and JayZ. Let that lady live...and that baby be blessed! JEESH! Get out her womb!
  • That January is going by too fast ...gosh..we JUST got into 2012
  • It signals Valentine's Day is ahead...ugh....*rolls eyes*
  • Which also birthday is right around the corner...33 and I haven't done half of what I wanna do. I need to do something......
  • maybe I'll shave my head
  • that this joint was WAY too long.... :)


  1. I like Chrissy's mole but I like "imperfections" (moles, gaps, scars, bow legs, dimples etc). Her hair stays laid too outside of that wack ponytail last week.

    Chesca is the *Tamar voice*

    Anthony Hamilton - NC stand UP!!!

    I love most of Rihanna's music she makes great catchy pop songs to me.

  2. Charles Barkley is def a FOOWELL he keeps me laughing and C Webb is my eye candy owwww

  3. Dimples on a man are my weakness. And yes, i love how passionately Beyonce sings "Love On Top." You just FEEL that joint when she's singing.

    lol, cant wait for that thug lovin post.

    derek cant STAND that mole on her face. it irks him and he has to say something every time. smh. lol

    Those 3 words make me cringe too.

  4. You just sent me to on epistolary. I love it!

    I should send you my Euphoria. I hate it.

    On the sleeping naked thing... I got caught out there when a tornado touched down on Windy Hill Rd in 1997. I grabbed my sweats before we ran out into the breezeway. Jinkies!


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