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12 Things about Me for 2012

(Oh yes...I am serious about my Falcons #1SAINTSHATER)

I thought I'd kick off 2012 with a little bit about me. You know, to get reacquainted with TheMochaPeach in the new year. It should be fun, right? So here we go:

1) I am deathly and I do mean DEATHLY afraid of clowns. Clowns..the BK King...I hate clowns with a passion. *shudders* I even saw a porn once with a clown mask in it and I almost vomited and fainted.

2) I feel naked when I go out the house without earrings on. I NEED earrings.

3) I want to become a professional fitness model but uhm...I got MILES to go.

4) If I wasn't an academic/academic professional, I'd move to Amsterdam and open a sex and/or weed shop. OR be a resort event planner ( I know...two extremes).

5) My ultimate goal is to move to London, UK to teach on the university level....and marry an Idris Elba type and have kids who say "knickers", "jumpers" (for sweaters)  and "bloak"

6) You will NEVER EVER catch me on a roller coaster. The thought makes me SUPER sick.

7)I'm serious about my football. Do not call me when the game is on. Or a BOWL game is on. Or UGA is on. Just don't. and I surely DO hate the AINTS (aka Saints). GO BIRDS! Win or Lose!

8)I know I'm country cause my dream car is an F-150 Limited Edition Harley Davidson truck (LOL)

9) I am the BEST kisser you've ever laid your lips on. *cheese*

10) Tequila makes me lose my religion. and I'd call myself a serious expert

11) I want to eat at every single famous Hot Dog spot in the USA: Pinks in L.A., Superdawg-Chicago, Nu-Way in Macon (DONE) Coney Island-Detroit, Nathans' (DONE),  Puka Dog-Hawaii, Gray's Papaya (DONE), The Varsity (DUH). It's a personal goal of mine.

12) I used to try and make my voice raspy and deep like Lauren Becall or Kathleen Turner. I'd practice my "Nina Simone"/Cassandra Wilson in the shower. But I never could get it right. I sounded like a transvestite.

*Bonus: I like quirky tee-shirts. Superhero shirts, Greek Shirts, Positive Shirts, Funny shirts. ANything that expresses who I am.


  1. lol @ a porn with a clown mask. That just sounds wrong and out of place!

    Omg, i feel naked without my earrings too. I HATE when i forget them. Even without a stich of makeup, and my hair back in a bun, i think earrings make me look pretty and complete.

    lol @ #4

    I hate roller coasters too. If it was just fast and curvy, I can tolerate it.... but i loathe the drops!

  2. London was nice but I had great weather when I went unlike others who go and complain about the weather (which I would do as well cause I am not a fan of rain and cold weather)

    I only really care about earrings when I have an up do otherwise I am ok either way but I am def a fan of BIG earrings when I go out on the wkends and have a up do I try to keep it prof during biz hrs lol

    I LOVE NFL football I have more players than teams but the Saints are one of the few teams I have always liked. GO PANTHERS!!

    I would work in TV/Muisc (behind the scenes) in another life I am addicted to both music and tv or maybe an interior designer.

    I would like to live out of the country but I waited to late. I would love a job where I could travel internationally. I am def open to leaving the A and starting over in a new city.

  3. London, marriage and kids who drink tea and eat danish, huh?

    Interesting - attended Saints game yesterday and was feeling the effects of a tequila-filled NYE, the entire time.

    Saints. NOT Aints. Lol.


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