January 12, 2012

Thursday Tunes: Rahsaan Patterson "Where you Are"

I could have easily put about ALL of the videos and songs in the Rahsaan Patterson discography. I absolutely adore Rahsaan Patterson. Named after the famous jazz musician Rahsaan Roland Kirk,  former Kids Incorporated alumni (along w/ Fergie),  was one of the early forefathers of the introduction of the Neo-Soul movement here in America. His high octave range is just classically beautiful. There are so many songs I love by him. "Spend the Night", "Stop By", "Tears Ago", "Feels Good" "Stop Breaking my Hear"....I can go on and on. Rahsaan may not sell out the house like Maxwell...but he indeed has a loyal following.

But this song is indicative of the beauty of his voice. And not to mention, the lyrics are just so moving.
It is about a long distance love and the yearning of a guy for his girl (or guy....who knows....cause Rahsaan is openly gay*shrug*).  I don't care. I just love his music.

My fav lyrics from the song are the chorus:

I got to get to where you are
'Cause I get can't stand to being a part from you
Just to think of you smile
Soothes my soul for a while, girl, it's true
I got to get to where you are
I'll take a bus, plane, train or car
All I know is that I must find a way to get to where you are

Get up on some Rahsaan Patterson on Itunes or Amazon. His Discography is so so worth it!


  1. Ooh, i like this song. Gonna sample some of his other stuff on itunes!

  2. LOVE him I have several of his cds I would love to see him in concert. I have been a fan since my college days.



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