August 15, 2011

Taking a Personal Day

I've had an extremely busy few weekends and a lot of busy weeks at work. I've had company in and out of my place...I even hosted a small gathering. I haven't had a breather. Then school is about to start in a few weeks...not to mention...I am just pulling my hair out. SO much so, I had a migraine the size of Alaska today.....and just couldn't make it. The bad kind of migraine where you are about to throw up....not good. It was a sign I needed to take some time out for me.

I rolled over...turned my alarm off...sat in bed..and just prayed. It was the first time I actually had peace of mind...and my apartment was totally still.  I was able to to just sit and think about all that I'm blessed with instead of reflecting on what I'm lacking.

I slept more...finally turning on my television to see my favorite show on TV, Psych, which was having a marathon. I popped more pain pills, got a cup of coffee, sat in bed and laughed and laughed. It felt so good to laugh uninhibitedly...and not cry about BS I can't control.

I fixed myself lunch...did some window shopping online...I didn't answer the phone or texts...I didn't really go on-line (except for my blogs..check out my other one too: )....I didn't think about the impending semester...just was able to regroup and refocus my energy.. in total silence..without distractions.

I thought about my "personal day" in terms of taking a break from relationships...talking about relationships...talking about why I don't have one..or why this dude did this or that. No talking about it today. Not focusing on it today. I won't mention my latest latest date..or my latest crush... or looking at a silly alert from some dating sit. A personal day from even thinking about my love life.

Sometimes you just need a break from this thing called "dating". Sometimes you need to not even think about it. Sometimes you need to "be still and know" the Bible says.  It's draining and exhausting. You just get tired of analyzing your single life. You get tired of just going "Why?"

So just stop. Take a break. Take a day off...and have a "personal day" from your single life.


  1. I think it's so important to treat ourselves to personal days like this. It's the only way to maintain our inner peace and keep our sanity. I need to take one of these, for real!

  2. i take these as often as possible! and can tell when my life is forcing me to take one. we need them even when we're not single, sometimes more so.

    also, where's the "LIKE" button on your blog posts? it's the lazy reader's easy button... show's you read when you're too lazy to comment :)



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