August 19, 2011

Feeling/Not Feeling


  • Football season..FINALLY
  • Starting my shoe blog: 
  • And new shoes to fill that blog up with :)
  • School starting...which means REFUNDS!!
  • A semester without dates...I need clarity
  • Cleaning out my makeup case..and refreshing my look
  • New lingerie
  • Anticipating that first kiss
  • mutual attraction. *crossing fingers*
  • Affion Crockett's "IN THE FLOW" (so funny!!!)
  • That we havent had any rain
  • a plate of calamari. Yummmmm!
  • The Movie...The Help Just as good as the book (minus some edits)
  • Webseries: Awkward Black Girl and 12 Steps to Recovery (FAV SHOWS right now!)
  • RetailMeNot, Hautelook, Rue La La, And Beyond The Rack. Been getting GREAT deals and using coupons! YES!

Not Feeling
  • School starting...which means no time for myself anymore
  • I havent had sex in******* amount of months (LOL). Dear me! *sigh*
  • Forgetting to do this post every week (LOL)
  • Crushes that just dont go anywhere
  • Friendships ruined over  "sex". Not cool.
  • A semester without dates.....oh well.
  • The fact that despite dude broke my heart..I think about how f**** FINE dude was.
  • I miss him but I gotta move on.
  • My hair looks a hot mess. I've neglected my locs 
  • Men, in general, are pigs. I mean..."vajoon" is on the brain far too much. *smh*
  • Unrequited "crushes". I NEVER like those who crush on me. EVER!
  • No rain means it's been TOO DAMN HOT!!!
  • My ex's new chick needs dental work. Those gaps are atrocious, son! *smh*
  • The fact that I just threw shade (that was a bit immature..but funny. LOL)
  • They cancelled ALL the shows I liked : Chicago Code, Law and Order Los Angeles, Law and Order CI...*sigh*
  • No new music out really excites me.....Oh well.
  • that somehow my lounge attire is now oversized  sweats and tank tops. Such a very "butch" look that I've gotten into.
  • I cant get into True Blood. Vampires arent cool to me. or Sexy. *smh*
  • The fact that I feel like my 'fantasy" is dying a slow death......Oh well.
  • You did me DIRTY...yet I still miss you. I wish God would make that part stop....


  1. so frustrating how we tend to miss most the ones who did us wrong.

  2. Omg, i refuse to buy anything online without first checking Retail Me Not!

    Loving your shoe blog! It's so.... YOU! What took so long starting it? lol

    I hate True Blod and all things vampires as well! *smh* So not my thing.

  3. I can't get with the vampire thing either and Pearl Cleages new books is about vampires had I known I would NOT have gotten it BOOOO!

    I miss him but gotta move on - LET THE CHURCH SAY AMEN

    I am still mad Chicago Code and The Event were cancelled BOOOOOO again!

    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!! whoohooooooo



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