August 1, 2011

Let Me In

I'm just generally annoyed by inconsistency, esp. in the beginning stages of "getting to know" someone. Usually we are both nervous, trying to put our best foot forward. What I particularly hate is when someone pursues you hard, relentlessly, and then….nothing. Or the communication is so sporadic it just becomes annoying and grates on your nerves.

Men think they are clever when they send little BS texts to you. Waking up to a "Hey Sexy" text does nothing for me. Esp. if it was 17 hours after I contacted you.  Just saying “hey” with absolutely no follow up is stupid. How am I supposed to get to know you if all you text is bullcrap and you don’t actually use your phone to call someone? Or plan a date.

 I think this generation of men are just plain lazy. Lazy and too overwhelmed with options to even CARE to put forth the effort in getting to know someone. I mean I understand that you've got options. I've got options too. But if you know you feel me.. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable. Men think that being open and honest is a sign of weakness. We want that. We crave that. We are tired of games.

The one-word texts, sporadic calls, and your need to want someone to chase YOU is playing a game. Don’t get it twisted: I am the gazelle. You are the lion. YOU need to be lacing up your track shoes, bruh and chase ME. Folks got it all wrong. Shoot, that’s not even biblically sound. Me chase you?? *Hmpf*

I just think anything worth having is worth putting in work for. Hell... I'm def worth some "overtime". It’s not easy but dammit, the rewards are awesome. It’s better than a government job and its benefits. I just have never understood the “I gotta be elusive so she wants me” part of the game. It is distracting and annoying. After a while, your number gets deleted and we forget who you are.

All I’m asking is for you to, let me in.  Just a little. Leave a crack in the door of your heart to let me get to know you. You’ve got to want it to. The sporadic texts. The 5-minute calls do not make the good basis of a relationship.  You can’t expect me to want you to want you too with you giving the bare minimum.

Let me in.

Just want it…a little bit.


  1. Hmph. TELL IT!!! Sometimes they start off so well too, smh. I used to try to do my part (and some of his) to keep the communication thriving but I've decided I'm not on that anymore. If they aren't making getting to know me or building something a priority, neither will I. There won't be any hard feelings, I'm not gonna hold a grudge, I simply will talk to you...whenever. But trust and believe, believe and trust (lol) I won't be sitting and waiting idly. *shrugs*

  2. I am so with you!!! I dated this dude last summer who was just sooo inconsistent and sent so many weird and mixed signals. It went on for like 6 months, till I finally told him look, let's just stop, you don't want anything serious with me, I don't anything serious with you, lets just move on. Then all of a sudden, I was the bad guy! Men think the " jerk routine " is the way to go and then get mad when you call them on it!

  3. I sometimes think that the invention of text messaging was the worst thing to happen to dating life. It gives ppl an excuse to be lazy! I remember DH used to do a lot of texting in the beginning, which i hated! He'd be wanting to have full, "get to know you" convos via text! I hated that, lol.

    I agree - you gotta open up the door just a tad, to let folks know whether or not how interested you are! *smh*

  4. YOU BETTA PREACH!!!! I thought it was just me how do you text me back hrs and sometimes days later but when I address it (in a nice way which you didnt deserve) you question my sanity after you argue me down that you don't get MIA and take days to respond REALLY??????????? What part of the game is that. So when I say clearly this isnt working this isnt what you want so lets part ways its no no its not like that I am interested so I get sucked back in and then the same thing happens all over again until I finally chuck the deuces for real UGGHHHHH. Sometimes I wish had a representative but I dont what you see is what you get for the right man it will be more than enough. I truly believe when a man is interested you will KNOW w/o a shadow of a doubt. I agree some men are lazy dont text me to damn death anyway in the beg. I can't get to know you over text I type all day at work I will not spend all night texting you!!! #endrant

  5. Stepping out of lurkdom to say "AMEN" to this entire post. The elusiveness and games gets old really quick. Men can be so lazy these days. I am worth the hunt. People want all the benefits of a relationship but are not willing to put in the work. How the hell do you get to know someone without effective communication?!



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