January 16, 2013

Product Review: Toys for "Larger" Men.

Continuing our review of products for men,  I was posed with the question.

"What if you are a "larger" man and want a stimulating toy"??

Well..that is easy to find. and the people over at RoboticBlowJob.com def can meet the needs of our well endowed brothers.

Yes people...that is the name of the site. RoboticBlowJob.com handles the needs to men from lubricants to stimulators of all sorts.  They do specialize in a variety of toys but the toy that appeals to most "larger" men would be the  AutoBlow Max

This toy is made for men over 6 inches and up to 9 (or even 10) inches. It works like any electric blow job/pocket pussy/fleshlight type of toy, but the silicon is molded and takes into account the larger size of some men by using gentle sucking pressure. It isn't a penis pump..but definitely something can allow a man to reach orgasm up to 5 minutes from the start of use. With a non soluble water based lubricant, this toy will give you ample amounts of pleasure. CLeaning instructions are also available with each toy. (You MUST clean it fellas)  It comes apart and you can use the sleeve only (Like a Fleshlight) or  also combine it with the automatic motorized shaft .

Once again, RoboticBlowJob.com has had some brave fellas to demonstrate by using videos (NSFW). This is a great toy for you man if you travel a lot and he gets lonely or simply wants a new type of stimulation.

This is a great toy for larger men and I do hope you visit RoboticBlowJob.com and  take a look at everything they have to offer for the well endowed man.

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  1. See, this is how simple and naive I am. I saw "larger men" and thought big ass, Heavy D/Suge Knight, thicker than snicker type dudes! LMAO! I learn something new every time I come over here!



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